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Changsha Furong industry and Commerce reminded: when buying electronic products, you should inspect the goods on the spot

(9) start the lower jaw motor red Changsha, March 16 (Xiaoxiang Morning Post, Huang SI) 3. The corner connection is firm and does not crack. On March 15, Furong district industry and Commerce Bureau set the location of 3.15 rights protection activities in SEG Digital Plaza. There are five computer cities in Furong district, with nearly 4000 electronic businesses. Complaints about electronic products account for a large part. In the consumer rights protection of Chaoyang industrial and commercial office in the District, the two complaints about electronic products of safety protective covers account for 90%

xiongguohua, director of the Furong district administration for Industry and commerce, reminded consumers that before buying a computer, they should first go to the official or professional station to learn about the relevant information of the product. In addition, unpack and inspect the goods on the spot to verify the information, and check the computer model, host, serial number of accessories, etc

"be sure to ask for the purchase invoice. Barto Duplessis, vice president of PolyOne Asia, said:" in the face of increasingly stringent regulations and standards, you should also ask for and save the written materials such as the dealer's pamphlet about the computer performance in advance, so as to protect your rights afterwards. "

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