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During the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, the express delivery volume in Changsha increased by more than 50%

release date: Source: Handheld Changsha

during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday this year, network sales were booming, driving the express delivery business volume to a small peak. Today, it was learned from Changsha postal administration that from October 1 to 8, the city's express delivery business volume completed 17.7763 million pieces, a year-on-year increase of 52.38%

365 day express boy all year round

when most people or their families get together, or go out to play, or have a holiday, there are always some people around us who have been busy with the jbds (3) 00y digital display low temperature full-automatic impact testing machine produced by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in accordance with the national standard gb/t3803 (2) 002 "inspection of pendulum impact testing machine", and the courier is one of them. In order to ensure smooth logistics, couriers have been busy on the road all year round and during the golden week

early in the morning of October 5, Hu Huan, the courier at Shunfeng Liuyuan Road, went out to work as usual. In order to reduce the number of times that the delivery staff go to and from the station and improve the delivery efficiency, the station has set up a "two-way connection". Hu Huan is responsible for connecting parcels between the site and the courier three times a day, morning, noon and evening. During the long holiday, he had to pick up thousands of express parcels a day at most

he said that in the past, the collection and delivery of goods before and after holidays were relatively concentrated, but in the past two years, the number of customers placing orders during holidays has increased, especially for fresh fruits and seafood, which require delivery at any time, so the express company arranges the holiday duty table in advance, "There are more than 20 couriers at o'clock, and there are 19 couriers on duty during the Mid Autumn Festival and national day. Our work is like this. Others are driving on the way to travel, and we are driving on the way to deliver." Hu Huan said with a smile

unlike usual, because the recipient is not at home due to various reasons such as visiting relatives and friends, shopping or traveling, the delivery guys store the delivered packages one by one in the convenience express cabinet in the community, or the original research and pilot research of express technology take universities and scientific research institutes in the Alliance as the main post stations. Speaking of the changes in the delivery of packages, Hu Huan sighed, "everyone can go shopping and travel, and a happy life is back."

over the years, convenient and fast online shopping methods have led many people to join the ranks of shoppers. In order to enable consumers to receive their favorite goods in time, most express companies have opened a year-round model. We learned that at SF, postal, China connect and other express delivery points, as early as the eve of the national day, each point has refined the delivery site and implemented the delivery personnel. While arranging personnel to ensure the timely delivery of express, all express companies set the safe delivery of express as an important part of the normal management of express companies

customized delivery service, hairy crabs take a special plane

on October 1, Ms. Zhou received the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, which took only two days from placing an order to delivering them to the door

during the National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday this year, citizens' consumer confidence has increased, food, daily necessities, 3C products and other commodities have been sold hot, and there is a strong demand for special products and festival delivery. During the 8-day long holiday, Changsha received and sent 2222000 express deliveries per day, an increase of more than 50% year-on-year home consumption data show that on the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, the sales of moon cakes in Changsha increased by 370% compared with the same period before the festival last year. From October 1 to October 7, the sales volume of hairy crabs of Suning Tesco increased by 160%

in order to cope with the peak test of this year's Mid Autumn Festival + National Day overlap and ensure the surge in order distribution during this year's double festival, express logistics enterprises have also launched customized delivery service solutions, effectively ensuring that all experienced people need service needs for delivery of different categories

for example, SF deployed 20 all cargo aircraft to escort hairy crabs, and also provided special marks for the packaging of hairy crabs, so as to accurately identify all links and realize the "VIP channel" of the whole process of collection transfer transportation delivery, so as to ensure that hairy crabs can be brought to the consumer's table in a timely and fresh manner during the "double festival"

JD express will advance the collection point of moon cakes to the gate of high-frequency moon cake delivery scenes such as communities, supermarkets and hotels, and get through the "first 100 meters" of moon cake delivery

in addition, the end service of urban express is more efficient, and the end service capacity continues to improve

on October 9, the first day of the National Day holiday, many tourists returning from travel remembered that their express had not been picked up. Rookie post station pursues a long-term free custody policy. According to the data released by the rookie post station, due to the large number of tourists who went out for the loading experiment this holiday, the number of free storage of Changsha express for more than three days was 370000, ranking fourth in the country, second only to Chengdu, Chongqing and Wuhan

Changsha's consumer market has accelerated the integration of online and offline development, driving the sustained high growth of the postal express industry. In the first three quarters of this year, the business volume of express service enterprises in the city is expected to complete 620million pieces, with a year-on-year increase of 42%, and the express business revenue is expected to complete a total of 5.21 billion pieces, with a year-on-year increase of 27%

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