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Changsha turns off the landscape lighting on both sides of the Xiangjiang River original title: Changsha turns off the landscape lighting on both sides of the Xiangjiang River Hunan July 24 (Peng Yahui) careful citizens will find that in the past two days, the gorgeous decorative light band on the Juzizhou bridge is not bright, the bright night scene in the urban area is slightly dimmed, and the landscape lighting in the scenic spot is mostly turned off. Today, the street lamp Office of Changsha power supply branch of Hunan Electric Power Company of the people's Republic of China announced that at present, the power consumption for night lighting and night lighting of buildings invested and constructed by the municipal and district finance within the urban area of Changsha has been comprehensively controlled and stopped

on July 21, the general office of the provincial Party committee and the general office of the provincial government issued the "urgent notice on ensuring the current core issue of the province's power stability industry is the supply of environmental protection issues", requiring that the scope of electric facilities for urban lighting projects should be strictly controlled, and all regions should consciously close the electric facilities for lighting projects that do not affect the traffic of urban roads, including windows, plaques, outdoor advertisements Neon lights and other electrical facilities will be resolutely shut down during the peak summer

24 the cost will be lower. At night, visit the implementation of urban lighting power shutdown along Xiangjiang Road, Furong Road, Wuyi Road, Shaoshan Road and other urban trunk roads. Wanjiali viaduct, Juzizhou bridge, Yuelu mountain ridge, Tianma mountain and xiangxinlun technology have all turned off the lighting of night scenery such as the acquisition of water new material and houwangfu road bridge to the landscape belt on both sides of Xiangjiang River of Sanchaji bridge. According to the statistics of Changsha power supply branch, a total of 38 box type substations with a load of 7600 kW have been deactivated; 750 low-voltage power distribution cabinets with a load of 30000 kW will be deactivated

the decorative light band of the government office building and the office floor seen along the road of difficult landing of steel coal to capacity have not been lit. Among the tall buildings on both sides of Furong Road and Shaoshan Road, only a few buildings have advertising light boxes on the roof, and most of them are hidden into the night. However, the colorful lighting of bars, restaurants, hotels and other shops in some residential areas along Jiefang Road is still bright

citizens' travel has not been affected by the shutdown of landscape lighting, neon lights, etc. In random interviews on the street, all citizens expressed their understanding and support for this

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