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New campus of Changsha Huazhong Industrial Technology School (formerly Changsha Machine Tool Factory School)

New Campus of Changsha Huazhong Industrial Technology School (formerly Changsha Machine Tool Factory School)

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original title: new campus of Changsha Huazhong Industrial Technology School (formerly Changsha Machine Tool Factory School)

Hunan Huazhong industrial technology school is located in Changsha with outstanding people, Now, the sunshine major of character image design is aimed at junior high school students at the age of one year, cultivating international high-end image design comprehensive and versatile talents! Hunan Huazhong industry is one of the first batch of national vocational skills appraisal institutions in China, and it is also the Provincial Planning Commission and labor 5 The reading convenience Department approved the secondary vocational skill school, Changsha enrollment Code: 5011

I. Introduction to the "character design major" of Hunan Huazhong industrial technical school

1. Star tutors teach in person

the "character design major" of Hunan Huazhong Industrial school is jointly run with Changsha button aesthetic makeup image art school. The professional courses are rich in practical experience, and have participated in award ceremonies, magazines, fashion, film and television, studios and other artists, star makeup image stylists, international fashion makeup stylists Hunan hosts, special makeup stylists, CBC national beauty judges, international fashion manicurists, beauty industry Makeup Art Competition champions and other star tutors gave lectures in person

2. Study the scope of professional courses

the character image design major implements a fully closed and semi militarized management mode to cultivate students with high-quality application-oriented skilled talents who can adapt to the needs of social development, develop morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically, have heart, good communication skills and teamwork spirit, and can use the professional knowledge they have learned to truly solve practical problems related to their majors

combined with the latest international practice, this professional course is designed to create international high-end comprehensive talents. The learning courses not only include cultural quality training, such as English, Korean, etc., but also include sketch, (junior high school senior) makeup, personal physique, etiquette, emotion management, colorology, hairdressing modeling, hand-painted design, advanced manicure, film and television modeling, handmade, three-dimensional clipping, clothing matching, photography, image post-processing More than 20 courses, such as character overall modeling and public relations management, truly create international top comprehensive and versatile talents

3. Employment development direction

after graduation, provide employment channels for free, sign contracts according to personal wishes, recommend professional counterpart jobs, choose employment channels independently, ensure the career planning of students' targeted employment, and escort each student

professional work direction: International makeup training lecturer, international high-end studio bride makeup stylist, international high-end bride makeup stylist, international high-end private clothing customization store, bride modeling studio, image design studio, commercial advertising stylist, star artist modeling design, TV station makeup stylist, crew star modeling design, etc

4. Teaching methods

this major adopts the latest teaching methods, the whole process of high-definition video teaching, 10% theory +10% aesthetic improvement +60% student practice +20% high-quality practice; Customize each student's learning schedule to study "with quality", "quantity" and "progress". At each stage, there are different star tutors for training and guidance, "Internet +" training mode + traditional teaching ", which focuses on developing and encouraging each student's independent innovative thinking, teaching students according to their aptitude according to each student's strengths, and implementing the weekly and monthly examination system to ensure that students learn solid, solid and practical knowledge and skills, and ensure that they" understand, learn well, and learn well "

on site shooting of the learning environment of "character design major" of Hunan Huazhong industrial technical school

5. Graduation certificate

after the completion of study and passing the examination, the nationally recognized "graduation certificate of technical school" and "vocational qualification certificate of the Ministry of human resources and social security" issued by the provincial Department of labor and social security will be used all over the country, or they will be promoted to full-time colleges and universities for further study

II. Hunan Huazhong industrial and technical school "application requirements"

1. Three-year schooling, tuition: 14800 yuan/year

2. Number of students: 100

3. Registration time: from now on, until the quota is full

4. Registration conditions: all urban and rural young people who have graduated from junior high school or above, are one year old, are healthy, have no color blindness, color weakness, physiological defects, and infectious diseases, and meet the physical examination standards can apply

5. Registration method: students in this city can come to the school directly to consult and register with their graduation certificate and household register. Students from other places can register through registration, letter registration or registration points set up in various places. Our school organizes entrance examinations according to the situation and selects the best candidates for admission

6. Changsha candidates who apply for admission to our school must take our school as their first choice when filling in their admission wishes. The code of our school is 9011 and the enrollment code of Changsha is 5011. In order to ensure admission, please come directly to our school to handle the admission procedures. You can also sign up at the enrollment point entrusted by our school (button aesthetics)

III. Hunan Huazhong industrial and technical school "comprehensive advantages of school"

1. Employment security: the weight of the employment push sample itself after signing the enrollment is easy to lead to inaccurate measurement results, confirm the recommendation agreement, and get high salary employment

2. Excellent teachers: implement expert team (double qualified)! With years of practical experience in enterprise management and teaching experience, double qualified star tutors teach

it may even become the first largest material. 3. Excellent courses: keep pace with the needs of employers! The textbook is jointly participated and completed by senior technical experts from Fortune 500 enterprises and experts in the field of education, and has been verified by repeated teaching in Colleges and universities

4. Quality training: build your employment competitiveness! Through the course training and project training throughout the whole learning process, the school enterprise cooperation major enables students to firmly grasp the knowledge they have learned and have the professional skills required by the employing enterprise

5. Worry free employment: implement strategic cooperation with many famous enterprises! School and Lansi technology, six new intelligence, zhuojing group, China Railway Fuhong, hundreds of major studios, TV stations, star entertainers, hosts, variety shows across the country And other enterprises and institutions have established a good talent transmission mechanism

IV. introduction to Hunan Huazhong Industrial Technical School (major in character design)

Hunan Huazhong industrial technical school, referred to as "Hunan Huazhong industrial technical school", Changsha secondary vocational technical school, founded in 1952, is a secondary vocational technical school approved by the Hunan Provincial Planning Commission and the Hunan Provincial Department of labor. It is also one of the first batch of national vocational skills appraisal institutions in China With a long history, elegant environment, convenient transportation, teaching + internship + accommodation + sports facilities, the school is the cradle of the growth of technological innovation talents

v. Hunan Huazhong industrial and technical school "school scale"

the school covers an area of 126.3 mu, with a construction area of more than 17000 square meters. The school is adjacent to the University of national defense science and technology and Changsha University, with a strong learning atmosphere, a beautiful school environment, a scientific layout, and complete functions. It has standard teaching buildings, student apartments (independent toilets, air conditioners, water heaters, laundry rooms), and student canteens, Zhou Min, the deputy general manager of Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd., and others will give new speeches or special reports. The reading room, body room, computer room, speech room, basketball court and badminton court are all available. It is definitely the way for students to study and become talents As of April, 2018, our school has continuously introduced innovative and practical talents. At present, there are 72 on-the-job faculty and 884 students

VI. geographical location and bus route of Hunan Huazhong industrial technical school

the school is located in mawangling, Changxiang Road, Laodaohe street, Kaifu District, Changsha, with convenient transportation. It is 30 minutes from the railway station to the school; Transfer from "north bus station" to bus 149, X208, 238, ye1 or 812 to "satellite bridge" station

Changsha Huazhong Industrial school registration, tuition consultation, candidates' real-time answers to questions can be inquired about 15274814825 (VX synchronization)

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