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Changsha invested 100 million yuan to support the robot industry

in this year's popular Hollywood blockbuster transformers 4, powerful and smart robots can be easily offline from the assembly line of Chinese factories like making cars. In the future, this magical scene in the film is expected to reappear in Changsha. On September 19, Changsha's three-year action plan for the development of robot industry was first released. From 2015 to 2017, the municipal government will invest 100million yuan to reward and support the development of robot industry and the promotion and application of robot products. Taking Hunan's first industrial robot industry demonstration park in Yuhua Economic Development Zone as the cradle, the first batch of Changsha high-end industrial robots will be incubated. By the end of 2017, the production capacity of the industrial robot industry will exceed 10billion yuan. Vice Mayor He Jihua presided over the release ceremony

after three years, the density of industrial robots will reach 100 sets/10000 people

industrial machines are important reference indicators for quality control and utilization design. People are important automatic equipment in modern manufacturing industry that integrates machinery, electronics, control, computers, sensors, artificial intelligence and other multidisciplinary advanced technologies. The automobile and machinery industries in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan have all realized the complete automatic production and manufacturing of robots. In recent years, robot applications in China have shown a rapid growth momentum with an annual growth rate of more than 40%

the release of the three-year plan for the development of the robot industry means that Changsha has fully launched the machine replacement project. Zhaoyuesi, director of the air filter Committee of the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Corporation, told that the implementation of the three-year plan will comprehensively promote the transformation from made in Changsha to intelligent made in Changsha, and seize the industrial highland of Intelligent Manufacturing in the central region. According to the introduction, the goal of the plan is that by the end of 2017, the production capacity of Changsha industrial robot industry will exceed 10billion yuan; The large-scale application of industrial robots has been realized in the key industrial fields of the city, and the density of industrial robots has reached 100 sets/10000 people. Changsha people are familiar with this article. This article introduces the improvement of the calibration device of the Woli tensile testing machine and encourages the introduction of robots in the fields of engineering machinery, fireworks and firecrackers, food processing and so on. Zhao yuesi said

plan to build the first robot research institute in Central China

how to achieve the goal of the three-year plan? Funds and policy support will be awesome's leverage. It is reported that the gold content of the 100 million yuan support reward is very high: the overall local enterprises are subsidized by 20% of the whole machine price (or rental price), with a single subsidy of less than 100000 yuan and a single enterprise of less than 2million yuan; Application enterprises that purchase complete sets of industrial robot equipment in the local area will be subsidized by 10% of the whole machine price (or rental price), with a complete set of equipment subsidy of 500000 yuan/set, and a single enterprise subsidy of 5million yuan. For well-known industrial robot enterprises and parts, the headquarters will be moved to Changsha, with an investment of more than 100million yuan to build a production base, and a one-time relocation subsidy of 10million yuan will be given; Move the regional headquarters to Changsha, and invest more than 100million yuan to build a production base, with a one-time subsidy of 5million yuan. Hunan industrial robot industry demonstration park, located in Yuhua Economic Development Zone, will also provide support policies of three exemptions and two reductions: where robot enterprises settle in the park, the rent of renting standard workshops will be free for the first three years and halved for the next two years

in addition to funds and policies, the three-year plan will also provide intellectual support. At present, Yuhua Economic and Technological Development Zone has cooperated with Professor Wang Yaonan, member of the National 863 robotics theme group and Dean of the school of electrical and information engineering of Hunan University, to give play to the advantages of regional agglomeration and development, and plans to establish the first Robotics Research Institute in the central part of the park, which will integrate the scientific research forces of Hunan Universities and provide planning and technical support for the development of the robotics industry


German KUKA, the world robot giant, may settle in Yuhua Economic Development Zone this year.

German KUKA, one of the four largest robot enterprises in the world, is expected to sign a contract with Yuhua Economic Development Zone this year to settle its regional headquarters and Engineering Center in Hunan industrial robot industry demonstration park. At the Changsha robot industry promotion conference yesterday, Kong Bing, CEO of KUKA in China, said that KUKA might complete its first deployment in Central China this year through cooperation with Yuhua Economic Development Zone

industry voice:

Ling Lin (Chairman of Dongguan Robot Association and general manager of Shenzhen Tuoye Robot Automation Co., Ltd.)

the so-called intelligent equipment industry covers the fields of service robots, education and entertainment robots, industrial robots, intelligent hardware and wearable devices. Robots occupy the factory of the world. Ling Lin said that China is not only the world's largest robot market, but also the lifestyle of Chinese people and the production mode of China's manufacturing industry have changed. Compared with industrial robots, intelligent robots, including service robots, have developed more rapidly, which is a hot spot for investors. According to statistics, its growth rate can reach 2000% 3000%. Therefore, countries all over the world attach great importance to the development of intelligent robots. However, universities and scientific research institutions in Europe, America and Japan have taken intelligent robots, including service robots, as their main research direction, and have made some achievements. LEGO entertainment robots in the United States have formed a robot industry in cultural animation, which is said to reach a scale of 5billion yuan. Driverless cars, the United States is likely to achieve a breakthrough in the next five years. At present, the cutting-edge technologies of intelligent robots are characterized by bionics, intelligence and low cost. There have been artificial muscle mobile walking, high-performance weight-bearing, biological perception and other technologies

Ling Lin believes that Hunan has unique regional advantages and strong industrial foundation background, but at present, it is not widely used. The market comes first. Just like buying a car, you must first learn how to drive it. Only by finding users can we drive R & D and enterprise production. She believes that many famous enterprises in Hunan, such as Liuyang fireworks, have not yet used robots, and there is still a very large market space here

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