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Changsha's largest domestic shield machine will save at least more than 100million yuan

Changsha's largest domestic shield machine will save at least more than 100million yuan

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the largest domestic slurry balance shield machine has been manufactured in Changsha recently. Its diameter is higher than that of a five story residential house. It is specially customized for the excavation of tongzipo yadapu tunnel shield in Changsha. Li Yao, general manager of Changsha urban investment group project company, revealed that the excavation of tongzipo yadapu channel requires two super large shield machines. At present, the production ①. First press the reset key of the safety belt tension tester to reset the collet on the instrument. The production period is one year. Next year, tongzipo yadapu channel excavation will be put into operation. In about four to five years, North Changsha will form a fast track with a total length of 12.2 kilometers

"the diameter of the special shield machine for tongzipo yadapu channel is 14.93 meters, which is larger than the height of five storey residential buildings." Li Yao said that compared with the first shield excavated Xiangjiang tunnel on nanhu road in Hunan, the tongzipo yadapu channel needs a shield machine with a production diameter of 14.93 meters because it needs to meet the two-way six lane traffic requirements

Cheng Yongliang, deputy general manager of China railway construction heavy industry group, said that when excavating this tunnel, the soil conveyor belt of this shield machine is needed to transport about 3500 tons of soil every day. In contrast, the diameter of ordinary subway shield machine is 6.28 meters, and the cost of each machine is nearly 40 million yuan. The diameter of this shield machine, which connects tongzipo yadapu channel, is 14.93 meters, and the cost of each machine is more than 300 million yuan. However, compared with customizing abroad, manufacturing this product in Changsha will save at least more than 100million yuan. Moreover, compared with not using the shield method with the tax increase on waste pulp in the United States, using the shield method for excavation is not only faster than twice, but also better in quality

tongzipo yadapu channel starts 200 meters west of Jinxing Avenue, crosses Xiaoxiang Avenue, Xiangjiang River, Xiangya Road, "Deya Road, Hunan Martyrs Park, Liuyang River eastward, and ends at Xilong Road East of Wanjiali Road, with a total length of 12.2 kilometers and a tunnel of 10.8 kilometers. Li Yao said that after the completion of the large passage, as an obstacle free fast passage connecting the East and west regions of Changsha, it will solve the "bottleneck" problem of traffic in the northern part of the main urban area, form a three-dimensional traffic network of rapid passenger transport, and create good conditions for the economic development of the areas along the line and the agglomeration along the line, with the rated value of the hook being 2 levels higher than that of the chain. It is planned to be constructed in two sections, starting with the eastern half between Furong Road and Xilong Road, and then the western half from Jinxing avenue to Furong Road

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