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With the in-depth development of computer application, as the most common information recording medium, the demand for printing paper is also rising rapidly. At present, there are many types of printing paper in the market, common ones are:

the technical indicators of materials in foreign car enterprises are also adopting their own standard system and standard needle printer paper: continuous format printing paper, multi-layer pressure printing paper, high-speed printing paper, color bill paper, computer special typing wax paper, etc

paper for inkjet printer: opaque inkjet paper, translucent inkjet paper (Engineering copy), transparent inkjet film, coated inkjet paper, special canvas for inkjet, special heavy-duty inkjet paper, instant paste transparent inkjet film (back glue instant paste), color advertising inkjet image paper, semi transparent light box film, color inkjet special paper, gloss special paper, ultra white coated cloth paper (leather paper, wood grain paper), standard color inkjet paper, Back sprayed film (for light box advertising), etc

paper for laser printer: transparent/single wool laser film, helium tube laser phototypesetting film, semiconductor red laser phototypesetting film, infrared laser phototypesetting film, laser printing film, laser offset plate, high-sensitivity PS plate, etc

other types of paper: self-adhesive paper for electronic lettering machine, electrostatic recording paper (high surface impedance), electrostatic drawing paper, electric burning recording paper, high-speed drawing ink, etc. Thermal wax paper (thermal version paper), thermal recording paper (high sensitivity, low sensitivity), etc

at present, in addition to ordinary printing paper, most of the special papers supporting modern office machines in the domestic market, such as inkjet paper, high gloss paper, optical drawings, transparency film, high width film, light box film, fiber paper, transfer media, etc., also rely on imports

printing paper has a great impact on the print quality, especially when using high-resolution inkjet printers, the difference between special paper and ordinary paper is more obvious. The high-resolution printing paper specially produced by ink-jet printer manufacturers has fine and solid fibers, which can effectively inhibit the phenomenon of ink seepage. The color of the paper is white and the reflectivity is high, which can give full play to the advantages of the printer's high-resolution. Special paper is also connected with special ink beads, which can get a very good printing effect. Like the ink optimization solution in Canon Ink cartridge, a dense protective layer can be formed on the special paper surface before the ink is ejected, so that the ink can be firmly adhered to this film without flowing around, so as to ensure that the printing effect is as new as ever. Epson uses quick drying ink, which is dried before the ink penetrates, and chemically reacts with special printing paper to form bright colors. Here we focus on the situation of inkjet printing paper

first, "photo printing technology"

before talking about printing paper, let's briefly talk about several "photo printing technologies" now used in the field of inkjet printing. The so-called "photo printing technology" refers to the color image printed by modern high-end color inkjet printer, which is like a photo. In short, the print output resolution is between 1200dpi and 1440dpi, and a variety of advanced technologies and special printing paper are used to print the color image. Color inkjet printers with photo quality output function are equipment with top-level technology, which can fully meet the stringent color printing requirements of professional design or publishing companies. The advantages of high-end inkjet printer with photo quality output are: high printing quality, low noise, and high-quality color output at a low cost. The disadvantages are: slow printing speed, expensive consumables and small printing volume. It is mainly used for professional color printing users, small offices and other environments with small printing volume and low printing speed requirements to realize low-cost true color printing output. At present, the "stretch, peel, tear, heat sealing and other testing techniques of woven bags and other products of photo printing technology" mainly include the so-called "perfect imaging system" (PPIs) composed of HP's rich map technology, Canon's ink drop adjustment, seven color ink and quadruple color control technology, Epson's micro piezoelectric, six color printing technology, fast drying ink, fine image halfcolor adjustment and photo quality printing paper technology, Put photo quality printing paper in an important position

in addition to inkjet technology, drivers and high-quality inks, high-quality paper is necessary to form a complete "photo printing technology" system. Photoqualitypaper (photo quality special paper), one of the four key technologies of PIs, adds a transparent adhesive layer on the surface that can fix the ink to fix the ink of different colors. The reflection density and tone performance of the ink on this paper will be better than that on ordinary glossy paper. Make the image performance reach a perfect state, and even surpass traditional photos

second, the secret of printing paper

I often hear people complain that they have a high-resolution color inkjet printer, but the printed pictures are always not ideal. What on earth is this

sometimes, the printing effect of color inkjet printer is not ideal. If you put aside the human factors such as incorrect operation and inaccurate driver adjustment, the most likely reason is the improper selection of paper. As the saying goes: a good horse matches a good saddle. In order to maximize the potential of high-resolution color ink-jet printers, various manufacturers have developed corresponding high-quality paper corresponding to it

in order to prevent the penetration of ink on paper, on the one hand, it is to improve the performance of ink, on the other hand, it is to improve the quality of paper. The ink improvement scheme adopted by several ink cartridges such as bc-62 produced by Canon is one of the most thoroughly implemented schemes. In this type of ink cartridge, a special ink optimization solution is added. Before the ink droplets are sprayed, a thin film is formed on the paper by the ink optimization solution, and then ordinary ink droplets are sprayed out and tightly attached to the film. Because of the protection of the film, there will be no ink bleeding on the paper. In addition, this scheme has also achieved unexpected gains: because of the protective film, the printing effect on ordinary paper is greatly improved, and the printing of samples can also realize the waterproof function. Epson developed quick drying ink, which can quickly penetrate into the paper fibers, cooperate with special inkjet paper, and inhibit the diffusion of ink droplets. Lexmark has also developed waterproof ink and paper by using other technologies. The research of various manufacturers on paper is very thorough and closer. The texture of ink-jet printing paper is very fine, which is not easy to ink, and it is whiter and brighter than ordinary paper

the excellent performance of color inkjet printers is related to advanced technology on the one hand, and also depends on consumables, especially the performance and quality of printing media. The same printer will show different printing effects due to the use of different printing media. Generally, the printing media produced by each printer manufacturer best matches its own ink and printing technology, which can give full play to the effectiveness of the printer. Users choose the printing media produced by the printer manufacturer, which is the most economical in terms of ensuring the printing quality, giving full play to the printer performance and the risk of shopping. In addition, different media should be selected according to different printing needs when printing. The differences in whiteness, fineness, water absorption and other qualities of various papers will have a great impact on the output effect. Therefore, specific problems should be analyzed when selecting printing media

at present, the printing media mainly include film and paper, and the paper printing media is the most commonly used by users in daily life. Here are some of the most commonly used printing media:

(1) photo quality inkjet printing paper, which is a kind of high-resolution professional paper, is an ideal medium for image printing. This kind of paper is a little thicker than ordinary paper, and one side is relatively white. Choosing this side to print commercial reports, colored words for lectures, charts and various business statistical charts, the effect is very excellent

(2) 360dpi inkjet printing paper is specially designed for home users. This kind of ink-jet printing paper is suitable for printing various pictures and texts. The printed colors are lifelike and the handwriting is clear and exquisite

(3) photo quality inkjet card. This pure white inkjet professional card has A6 and 5 inches × 8 inches and 10 inches × Three sizes of 8 inches are suitable for printing self-made postcards, greeting cards, invitations, etc. It can also be used to output various electronic photos

in addition to the above three common printing media, due to the diversified development of inkjet printer applications, the printing media are also increasingly updated. At present, the more popular inkjet printing media include photo paper, kaixinmiaomiao paste, inkjet textured paper, T-shirt transfer paper, inkjet transparency film and banner headline paper. The texture of the photo paper is the same as that of the commonly developed photos. This medium, combined with "photo quality printing technology", can achieve the same realistic effect as the photos, and can provide four sizes from ordinary photo size to a3+, which is suitable for the needs of users at all levels of photo printing; Kaixinmiaomiao sticker is a unique printing medium. With the help of more than 300 colorful background frames and photos provided by the printer supporting software, users can make the most imaginative collocation to make a very personalized kaixinmiaomiao sticker; Inkjet textured paper is a kind of A2 format three meter long medium with oil painting printing effect, which is suitable for printing all kinds of large-scale photos and artistic design pictures; Users can use T-shirt transfer paper to make T-shirts with their own unique style, and the effect is quite good; Inkjet transparencies can provide perfect projection effects, which are suitable for projection, conferences and advertisements. The images are vivid and lifelike, and can be printed at 360dpi; Banner banner paper can be printed with 360dpi, 720dpi or 1440dpi, which is suitable for printing banners for various activities

at present, domestic brands of ordinary printing paper mainly include: "flagship", "Gaole", "Xerox", "Dadong", "Shuanglong", etc. HP, Canon, Epson and other printer manufacturers have a complete range of photo quality glossy paper, photo quality glossy film, photo quality inkjet printing paper, inkjet transparency film, photo paper, photo quality adhesive paper, T-shirt transfer paper and other papers to choose from

recently, Olympus optical industry company of Japan also developed a paper that can make sound. The sound can be heard by reading the fine dot barcode printed on the paper with a special scanning pen. This new system uses a fine dot bar code with a width of 8.4 mm to record sound, which is printed on paper such as books and instruction booklets. After reading it with a scanning pen, the sound can be heard from headphones or speakers. It can record sounds for about 15 seconds. For example, if the pronunciation code of English words and examples is printed on the language textbook, you can hear the pronunciation of words and examples. In addition, the animal map label is printed with the pronunciation code of the animal cry, and the real animal cry can be heard

as the raw material of high-grade paper is mainly wood pulp compared with the traditional nylon 66 thermal stabilization technology, and pollution is inevitable in the process of paper production, with the increasing development of network and communication technology, the current new "paperless green office" mode is rising all over the world. 7. Multi segment function generators are rising all over the world, but in the foreseeable future, Ordinary paper is still the most important medium for recording and transmitting information

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