Changsha is making great efforts to build a book a

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Changsha is making great efforts to build a printing base for books and periodicals in southern China

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core tip: entering Hunan Lingyu Paper Co., Ltd. located in Huanghua Town, Changsha County, the biggest feeling is the huge volume of printing business undertaken by Beijing Qu Yixian Book Planning Co., Ltd. "Qu Yixian"

entering Hunan Lingyu paper products Co., Ltd. located in Huanghua Town, Changsha County, the biggest feeling is the huge volume of printing business undertaken by Beijing Qu Yixian Book Planning Co., Ltd. "Qu Yixian" has not only set up a logistics warehouse and an e-commerce center in the factory, but also set up its Hunan branch here

in 2020, "Qu Yixian" will transfer the printing business from the north to Changsha, with 10 enterprises including Lingyu participating in the printing. This year, Qu Yixian plans to invest most of its printing business in Changsha

"in the past, we hoped to keep Changsha business in Changsha, but now not only Hunan business has stayed in Changsha, but a large number of businesses from other provinces have also moved to Changsha." Wu Huikai, chairman of Hunan Lingyu paper products Co., Ltd., said that at present, several Beijing companies are contacting him for printing business, and there is an urgent need for more Changsha printing enterprises to cooperate comprehensively to complete it

the rapid growth of printing business in other provinces is an epitome of the high-quality development of printing in Changsha. From here, we can see Changsha's confidence and confidence in building a southern book printing base

against the trend, the printing industry loves Xingcheng

compared with the "TV Hunan army" and "publishing Hunan army", the posture of Changsha printing industry seems to be low-key. However, a series of data shows that the printing industry in Changsha is ushering in an unprecedented strong development trend

in 2019, the output value of Hunan's printing industry was second only to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong and Beijing, ranking fifth in the country. In 2020, under the strong impact of the epidemic, the printing industry in Changsha rose against the trend, with a total output value of 17.3 billion yuan, an increase of 4.8%. Taking Hunan Lingyu as an example, the output value was more than 100 million yuan in 2019 and 340 million yuan in 2020

the huge space for growth mostly comes from the printing business of books and periodicals in other provinces. At present, Changsha has reached strategic cooperation with many booksellers across the country. In terms of the northern section, Hunan Tianwen printing, Yajia color printing, etc. have reached a long-term cooperation with Beijing Normal University Press, Beijing Education Science Press, Beijing may third classic books, Renmin University of China Press, etc; Hongfa printing, people's Jindian, Hunan Lixin have reached a long-term cooperation with Beijing People's education society, foreign language society, people's society, Tuanjie society, etc; Mingxiang printing has reached a long-term cooperation with Hubei booksellers. In terms of the Western edition, Jinying printing, Hunan Chinese merchant culture, Hunan Zhongxin printing have reached long-term cooperation with Guizhou, Shaanxi, Guangxi and other publishing houses; In the eastern section, Changsha Chaofeng printing and Guanshan Meiyin have established good cooperative relations with many publishing houses in Jiangxi, and they have sent hardcover books of key books to Changsha Chaofeng

why do so many printing businesses from other provinces flow into Changsha

"in recent years, Changsha has made great efforts to build a printing city with high quality and good price in the eyes of the majority of booksellers across the country, constantly solving the pain points of Booksellers in terms of policy, equipment, quality, service, logistics, etc., and continuously improving the recognition of the industry." The head of the printing office of the Publicity Department of Changsha Municipal Party committee said

Changsha has 640 printing enterprises with 17000 employees. In 2018, there were 55 enterprises with a printing output value of more than 20million and 41 Enterprises with a printing output value of more than 50million in Changsha; By 2020, the enterprises with an output value of more than 20million. 2. Force measurement accuracy: ± 0.01, the number of enterprises with an output value of more than 50million will reach 91, and the number of enterprises with an output value of more than 50million will reach 45. Changsha printing shows the characteristics of continuous industrial concentration and a leap in the degree of intelligence, and has more ability to widely undertake the business of foreign plastics as the greatest invention Province in the 21st century

at a time when green printing has become the main development trend, Changsha has actively guided printing enterprises to enter the park for development, promoted the development of industrial clusters, and achieved a big leap in environmental protection, intelligent transformation, and industrial concentration. In the first quarter of this year, 31 printing and related supporting enterprises, with the strong support of Kaifu District and Jinxia economic and Technological Development Zone, spared no effort to build an intelligent, green, version 4.0 Changsha printing technology cultural and Creative Industrial Park, and constantly expanded the space to undertake the transfer of the national printing industry

at the same time, with the construction of the national four vertical and four horizontal high-speed rail network, as well as the improvement of aviation and freight logistics, Changsha has obvious regional advantages. At a time when the time competition is becoming increasingly obvious, Changsha's strategic position is becoming increasingly prominent

the "printing power" of the city of innovation and creativity

building a book and periodical printing base in southern China is an innovative move for the printing industry in Changsha to strive to be the leader in the implementation of the "three high and four new" strategy, strive to create a development pattern of domestic circulation and domestic and international double circulation, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the cultural industry

as a city of innovation and creativity, Changsha has made remarkable achievements in scientific and technological innovation in recent years. It insists on leading the development of innovation with scientific and technological innovation and developing the innovative achievements to the high-end industry. In particular, Changsha has a solid foundation for the printing industry in Changsha. After years of cultivation, Changsha India Expo has become the largest and most comprehensive printing industry event in Central China

the time goes back to June 8-10, 2020. The three-day central (Changsha) printing industry expo was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. This is the first large-scale offline exhibition of the printing industry in China since the outbreak of the COVID-19

the exhibition area is 18000 square meters, equivalent to 418 standard booths. Nearly 240 brand enterprises across the country participated in the exhibition, attracting 20000 professional visitors to the exhibition... This India Expo held during the normalization of epidemic prevention and control is not only the largest and most involved enterprises in all previous Changsha printing industry expositions, but also the most abundant and influential event in the industry

this India Expo has become a great opportunity for local printing enterprises in Changsha to show their strength and image and strive for order business. In addition to the gains made by printing enterprises such as Yajia color printing, Hongfa printing, Accor color printing, Lide printing and Maya printing, more small and micro enterprises also participated in the Expo in the form of an alliance, and tasted the sweetness in the India Expo. Among these SME alliances, there are not only printing enterprises, but also paper, ink and glue enterprises, covering the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the printing industry. Their competitiveness has been greatly improved, and the follow-up effects are still emerging

in order to further promote the high-quality development of Changsha's printing industry, enhance the competitiveness of Changsha's printing industry, and expand the influence of Changsha's book printing, this year, Changsha took the lead in introducing a high standard quality system for local book printing nationwide

Changsha book and periodical printing quality system is characterized by wide coverage and a complete set of quality standard system, including the requirements of printing raw and auxiliary materials, printing quality, binding quality, finished product quality and environmental protection quality. Second, the parameters are higher than the relevant national standards for book printing

take the printing standard of teaching aids as an example. This set of quality system requires that high standard teaching aids be printed according to the quality requirements of production books and periodicals. In terms of binding quality, requirements for white edges, small pages, necking and other parameters have been increased, and requirements for binding strength and other parameters have been increased. At the same time, environmental protection quality requirements have been added to teaching aids

Beijing "Qu frontline", which has always been strict with quality requirements, has significantly increased its business in Changsha since the beginning of this year because it highly recognizes the production quality of Changsha printing

As an important part of cultural construction, the printing of books, newspapers and periodicals plays a prominent role in the process of building a socialist cultural power. Among them, the demand for book printing in publications is inseparable from the development of national education. The further popularization of education will drive the stable growth of the printing market

"focusing on book printing and building a book printing base in southern China is our conscious responsibility to help build a scholarly China." The head of the Publicity Department of Changsha Municipal Party committee said

Changsha people love reading, and the atmosphere of "scholarly Changsha" is strong. Changsha people can make books, and the "publishing Hunan army" is well-known. It is the inevitable logic for Changsha to build a cultural city by vigorously polishing the quality and influence of Changsha printing and creating a printing highland

in recent years, Changsha has emerged as a "red city" in accordance with national norms. Behind it is the strong support of industrial red, which is a new improvement in urban governance capacity, governance system, urban quality and cultural image. The key to making the red city prosperous is to make it an existence with height, temperature and thickness, integrate the work of literature and art, cultural tourism, cultural creativity, cultural products and other aspects into the "three high and four new" strategy, integrate into the development of Changsha middle reaches urban agglomeration, and play a symphony at a higher level

building a book and periodical printing base in southern China can not only optimize the national printing industrial structure, help the industrial gradient transfer, promote the balanced development of the national printing industry, but also become an important fulcrum for the high-quality development of the national printing industry

it is reported that as the platform support for Changsha to build a book and periodical printing base in southern China, Changsha International Printing Expo has been supported by China Printing Technology Association and China printing and equipment industry association to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China - "hundred years of red printing" theme exhibition and 2021 China Printing Industry Summit Forum will be held in Changsha in the second half of this year. In terms of the guidance of new development concepts of the printing industry and the exploration of new development models, As well as the exhibition of new development projects and the promotion of new products, the voice of Changsha will be heard again

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