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To meet the challenge, Changsha Printing Association wants to hold a large printing Exhibition Conference

the annual inspection of printing enterprises in Changsha and the Membership Conference of Changsha Printing Association were grandly held recently. Changsha Publishing Bureau, Changsha printing industry association and relevant representatives of all printing enterprises gathered together, reviewed the main work of Changsha Printing Association in the past year, and made a preliminary assumption for the work next year on the impact of the current economic crisis on the printing industry. Wang tize, director of Changsha Publishing Bureau, and Wu Yinglong, deputy director, attended the meeting. Gao Jinhai, President of Changsha Association for Indian printing, made a report on the work of the new association for Indian printing, which was changed in May this year. As the concept of green energy conservation has become more and more popular, it is reported that as a bridge and link for industry exchanges, the City Association of India and China has done a lot of work to strengthen mutual communication within the industry this year, discussing, studying and solving some problems in the industry. In view of the prevailing labor price disputes in the industry at present, the association has conducted a fierce and in-depth and effective discussion. Through visiting the grass-roots level to understand the situation, the association explored and formulated the industry rules and regulations in the association's enterprises; In order to help member enterprises, the association assisted the competent departments to organize enterprises to participate in various training and learning lectures for many times. In July this year, it organized a group to participate in the 2008 central (Wuhan) printing managers' annual meeting, and investigated and learned the advanced management mode and enterprise operation experience of its peers; In order to further improve the popularity of the printing industry, the printing association of Changsha has established a partnership with the mouthpiece of Changsha Municipal Party committee and government, Changsha portal station, and Hunan provincial key station Xingchen. Through the publicity offensive, the influence of Changsha printing industry across the country has been expanded

Gao Jinhai pointed out that the continuous decline of the world economy has caused the depression of the printing industry. Next year, the association will organize a large-scale exhibition to participate in the Beijing world printing Expo for exchange and learning, pragmatic innovation, and meet the challenges

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