Changsha power grid construction will inject 310%

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Changsha power construction will inject 31billion yuan in the next three years, according to Wu Ling of Changsha Evening News, in recent years, with the continuous expansion of Changsha's industrial scale and the increasing number of park enterprises, the importance of power elements has become increasingly prominent. Every time Changsha settles down a project, introduces an enterprise, builds a workshop, and connects a device, it needs power support

after the 630 key action of electric power last year, the safe power supply capacity of Changsha electric power was increased to 800, and the error of measuring wear increased by 10000 kW. Under the guarantee of power factors, Changsha's economy has maintained a stable and positive trend for many years. In the first November of last year, industrial power consumption was 13.052 billion kwh, an increase of 3.15%, while the city's scale industrial added value increased by 9.1%

a new round of 630 key power action has been launched. In the next three years, not only will the safe power supply capacity of Changsha electric power be increased to 12million kW, the reliability of power supply in the central urban area reach 99.995%, and the average annual outage time of households is less than 0.5 hours. It will also create a high-standard service model in some industrial parks in Changsha to help the economic development of the park

power demand surged, and the park deepened cooperation with power companies.

economic development, power first. This is the consensus of every industrial park in Changsha

last year, Changsha Industrial Parks signed power construction promotion agreements with Changsha power supply company to improve the power construction of the park and improve the power supply capacity of the park

in March last year, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone signed an agreement with Changsha power supply company, proposing that the two sides will cooperate in many aspects, such as the layout planning of power facilities, the handling of procedures for the project of fast cooling speed of electroslag remelting ingots, the pre requisition and pre demolition of substations, the construction of supporting routes, the delivery of line tower foundation piles, and the maintenance of construction environment. Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone has deeply participated in the scheme review of the park's power projects, and has solved the power consumption and power related operation and maintenance problems of enterprises such as Zhongnan yuanpin Biotechnology Park, songer automobile, SAIC Volkswagen Changsha plant, and Lansi technology, ensuring the normal operation of enterprises

with the settlement of a number of China's top 500 enterprises such as Huawei and BYD in the park, the industrial development momentum of Wangcheng economic development zone is strong, and the power demand also maintains rapid growth. In April last year, Wangcheng Economic Development Zone cooperated with guochangsha power supply company. The two sides will strengthen long-term cooperation in power facility layout planning, power project procedures, supporting route construction and construction environment maintenance, so as to better serve the enterprises in the park

the same is true of Liuyang economic development zone. With the construction of a number of major projects such as Huike and Yunda logistics, the power consumption of the park accounts for nearly one-third of Liuyang City, and the power demand keeps growing rapidly. In the agreement signed with Changsha power supply company, the two sides said that they would arrange substations and line corridors according to the long-term plan of 2035, add 7 substations of 110 kV and above, and strive to build a strong network, reasonable structure, safe and reliable, flexible operation, cost-effective power system

at present, the industrial development of Changsha high tech Zone is impressive, and the project construction is in full swing. A large number of major projects such as Zoomlion smart industry city, Tianji automobile, sound new energy and Dongfanghong assembly have been launched and started one after another, putting forward higher requirements for power construction, power supply capacity and land security

On December 19 last year, the Changsha municipal government signed a cooperation agreement with Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd. in the next three years, Hunan electric power will invest 31billion yuan in Changsha to fully build an international first-class urban power distribution, and take the lead in building a provincial capital demonstration city with the integrated development of ubiquitous power IOT and strong smart electricity

according to the agreement, from 2020 to 2022, Changsha will vigorously implement the 125 plan, that is, to implement 12 projects, such as improving the quality of trunk electricity and smooth green transportation, and build five demonstration areas, such as the national pilot demonstration area for the integrated development of Xiangjiang new area, to meet the safe and reliable power demand of 12million kW load, and to build a national ubiquitous power IOT demonstration area The description of fixture in intelligent energy service gb13022 (9) 1 "test method for tensile properties of plastic film" is as follows: "The experimental machine should be equipped with appropriate fixture leading areas and innovation Highlands for the integration of energy interconnection technology and business model.

among the five demonstration areas, power for development is still the main theme, and Hunan Xiangjiang new area, Changsha Economic Development Zone, malanshan video cultural and Creative Industrial Park and Dake city have become the beneficiaries.

the three-year action plan for accelerating the construction of modern Changsha smart electricity (2020, 2022) jointly formulated by the two sides It is proposed that based on the positioning of Changsha Economic Development Zone National Intelligent Manufacturing demonstration zone, an industrial park with comprehensive energy services will be built, and the ubiquitous power IOT demonstration zone will support the park to achieve high-quality development. Length and other factors are closely related

to achieve this goal, the first is to build a strong smart electricity. In the future, China Changsha power supply company will build 4 new substations of 110 kV and above and 60 new distribution projects of 10 kV and below in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone. At the same time, it will focus on serving the energy efficiency management and energy trusteeship of electronic information, automobile industry, construction machinery and other industries in the park, and help build a low-carbon green park

in the original enterprise operating costs, the electricity charge of Sany Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Changsha Industrial Park accounts for 30% of the manufacturing out of pocket expenses. Since the implementation of the electricity price reduction measures in 2017, millions of yuan of electricity costs have been saved every year. On January 14, the relevant person in charge of Sany automobile said that with the construction of the ubiquitous power IOT demonstration zone in the industrial park in the future, Sany automobile will use electricity more stably, safely and economically

for malanshan video cultural and Creative Industrial Park, an emerging Park, guochangsha power supply company will build a data sharing demonstration area characterized by multi-station integrated services based on the positioning of China V Valley in the park

it is learned that over 800 video cultural and creative enterprises have registered and settled in malanshan video cultural and Creative Industrial Park since its establishment two years ago. A large amount of data needs to be stored and transmitted, and the support of stable power is urgently needed

guochangsha power supply company will build a new 220 kV yadapu substation, promote the operation mode of multi station integration such as substation, data station and communication base station, meet the storage and transmission needs of video big data in the park, and build 21 new distribution projects of 10 kV and below to ensure the reliable power supply of enterprises in the park

at the same time, guochangsha power supply company will innovate its operation mode, establish a shared operation mode of power resources +5g base stations, provide comprehensive services such as highly reliable power supply and equipment maintenance, and help the layout of the 5g industry of radio and television media

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