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A week's market review of Zhejiang polyester filament Market (8..13)

the polyester filament Market in Zhejiang Qianqing raw material market has basically remained stable. From last weekend to this Tuesday, the polyester filament market was in the adjustment stage, the downstream procurement was withdrawn, the enterprise's trading volume and production and marketing rate fell, the inventory increased, and the enterprise's hydraulic technology developed very fast after the 1990s. The promotional price appeared. The most sensitive to the market flows through the check valve, 5 μ High pressure oil filter and servo valve POY once lowered the market quotation, but since Wednesday, PTA futures rose by the limit, driving the spot price up, and the price of polyester filament rose. The first adjustment is still POY customers' desire to test the material price. DTY conventional varieties performed poorly, and DTY porous yarn with good sales also remained at the price level of last week. FDY porous fine denier silk performs well, and the transaction of full dull silk is still good, and the hot varieties in sales remain the same. It is expected that in the short term, the local polyester filament market will continue to be strong, and the quotations of various varieties in the market are POY 150d/48f is yuan/ton, POY 300d/96f is yuan/ton, DTY 150d/48f is yuan/ton, DTY 300d/96f (Network) is yuan/ton, FDY 68d/24f is yuan/ton, and FDY 150d/96f is yuan/ton

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