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Hangzhou Sino French chemical, a paint enterprise, will move out of the north bridge. According to the person in charge of Hangzhou Industrial Promotion Office, the relocation of industrial enterprises in the urban area has achieved certain results. By the end of December 2009, at DD φ 32.60 dd φ 32.75 dd φ 32.90 dd φ 33.05 of the 130 industrial enterprises (58 municipal enterprises and 65 district enterprises) that have been included in the comprehensive introduction plan of the relaxation testing machine of the municipal relocation plan, 92 (including 65 district enterprises) such as Hangzhou goldfish Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. have completed the relocation, of which 10 (8 municipal enterprises and 2 district enterprises) were completed in 2009, and 29 enterprises (including 1 District Enterprise) such as Hangzhou Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. are under construction or handling preliminary procedures, Hangzhou West Lake monosodium glutamate Group Co., Ltd. and other 9 enterprises (including 6 in the district) are looking for new sites

Shen Jian pointed out that we should further unify our thinking, raise awareness, and fully understand the significance of the relocation of industrial enterprises in the Beidaqiao area. Doing a good job of relocation is an urgent requirement for urban development and enterprise development. We should effectively enhance the sense of work and urgency. The enterprises planning to relocate should combine the relocation work with technological transformation, transformation and upgrading, with the adjustment of product structure, with the deepening of enterprise reform, and move out of the Xintiandi of enterprise development. He put forward three requirements for the relocated Enterprises: first, strengthen the leadership, and establish a leading group for the relocation of enterprises, which should be implemented by full-time personnel, and the "top leaders" should take the overall responsibility; Second, the time should be reversed. Every work node should be very clear, such as when to complete what task and who will be responsible for it; Third, enterprises should communicate with relevant departments in time in case of new situations and difficulties in the process of relocation

Shen Jian required that relevant government departments should consider industrial policies, urban planning, environmental protection requirements, coordinate regional economic interests, enterprise development and employment, and work together to speed up the relocation of enterprises in the Beidaqiao area. We should clarify the division of labor and implement it; We should strengthen coordination and provide good services; We should put safety first, resolve relevant contradictions in time, and maintain social stability

attachment: Hangzhou Sino French Chemical Co., Ltd.

the company is located in the North Bridge chemical industry zone, Moganshan Road, Hangzhou. It was established in February 1985 and is the first Sino foreign joint venture in China's chemical industry to produce powder coatings and polyester resin; The main production powder classification assumes that the universal testing machine on the market will be classified into final coating and saturated polyester resin according to its purpose

yesterday, the municipal government held a ceremony for the relocation of some urban enterprises and the signing of compensation agreements. Hangzhou Sino French Chemical Co., Ltd., Hangzhou aerated new building materials Co., Ltd. and Youchang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. signed relocation and compensation agreements with the municipal work promotion office, the municipal work investment group and the municipal land reserve center respectively. Shen Jian, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and vice mayor, attended the signing ceremony and made a speech due to the test configuration

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