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Hankuk's new coated chemical pulp and paper machine will be put into operation

the No. 3 coated chemical pulp and paper machine in the Onsan plant of Hankuk paper company in South Korea will be put into trial production on July 10 and commercial production will begin on August 30

at present, the Korean paper market is in a state of oversupply, but the company expects that this will not bring trouble to the production of the new paper machine, because Hankuk's products are mainly targeted at some specific markets and exports

the paper machine is provided by IHI of Ishikawa, Japan. It has a speed of 500 meters/minute, a width of 3.37 meters, an annual production capacity of 76000 metric tons, and the gram weight of the product is between GSM

the paper machine is also equipped with a coater (also supplied by Ishikawa island broadcasting and grinding heavy industry), with a speed of meters per minute, a roll width of 3.28 meters, and an annual coating capacity of 80000 metric tons. This coater will produce GSM coated chemical pulp paper and special Vicat softening point experimental machine equipped with sample protection device paper. The drying of coated paper will be carried out in infrared mode, which provides a guarantee for high standard printing

3 paper machine will be specialized in producing high-volume paper, Its products are high smoothness and suitable for high standard printing "We must improve the characteristics of performance products. 50% of the products of this paper machine will be exported, mainly to China. According to Kwak min soo, spokesman of Hankuk company, since other Chinese coated chemical pulp paper manufacturers, including app's Dadong factory, can only produce products with low gram weight, this is very feasible. Machine 3 will also produce special paper for different purposes, including high-quality paper bags, wrapping paper and tickets. Hanku K provided financial support for this project through the sale of Anyang factory near Seoul

Wenshan factory previously had two paper machines and two offline coaters, with an annual production capacity of 250000 metric tons of coated and uncoated chemical pulp paper

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