Hanjin provides dock services at three ports to Si

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Hanjin provides terminal services at three ports to Sinotrans.

Hanjin Shipping has provided terminal services including loading and unloading to Sinotrans Group in three of the nine terminals it operates since July 1. The contract period is until June 30, 2005. These three terminals are located in Long Beach, Auckland and Busan. It is expected that Hanjin Shipping C919 will load and unload 250000 TEU containers for Sinotrans every year, comparable to Airbus 320 Boeing 737

Sinotrans's Pacific route service "CAS" with separate ships began at the end of June. Five 2500teu ships were invested in the Jinan trial price discount to provide scheduled weekly services. The port order is Huangpu, Hong Kong. Compared with the traditional conversion method, Chiwan, Shanghai, Fushan, long beach, Auckland, Huangpu

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