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Han Jiangwen of Nalco paper business department: customer oriented and platform innovation at the core

as one of the roadshow activities for the promotion of new papermaking technologies, Nalco held the 2018 Nalco paper new technology seminar in Jinan, Shandong Province on November 2, 2018. The symposium focused on the two major themes of "raw materials" and "environmental protection", which are most affected by macroeconomic and national policies and regulations. It sought ways to break through the dilemma from the technical perspective of new technology for renewable plastic granulator equipment manufacturers, and was highly praised by the participants. On the occasion of the 2018 Nalco paper making new technology seminar, this magazine interviewed Han Jiangwen, general manager of Nalco paper making division, with a view to sharing with readers that Nalco, as a global leader in the field of water resources management and process improvement, pays attention to platform innovation, advanced customer-oriented development concepts, and differentiated products and services

elegant, modest, wise and rigorous, which is the first impression left by general manager Han Jiangwen. Han Jiangwen graduated from Tianjin University in 1995, majoring in welding engineering, and then studied for an MBA degree from Peking University; He has successively served in GE Medical, Agilent Technologies, Tyco fluid control, Pentair valves controls and other companies, and joined the Nalco paper business department of Yikang group in December 2017. General manager Han Jiangwen has unique views on Nalco's paper business and services due to his experience in many industries. Under his leadership, Nalco's China team has developed rapidly. They are constantly going deep into the Chinese market and fulfilling the mission of Nalco's ecological guardian

Han Jiangwen, general manager of Nalco's paper business department, paper information: as a global leader in the field of water treatment and process improvement, Nalco has entered China for nearly 40 years, and the achievements of China's paper industry over the past 40 years have attracted worldwide attention. Please briefly introduce Nalco's business development in the pulp and paper industry and what achievements it has made in China

Han Jiangwen: Nalco is a global leader in water resource management and process improvement. In the face of increasingly severe natural resources and environmental challenges, Nalco works with customers to seek innovative solutions. As a subsidiary of Yikang group, Nalco is committed to becoming a global leader in water, sanitation and energy technology and services

Nalco paper division has provided reliable, cost-effective and safe solutions for pulp and paper manufacturers around the world for more than 90 years. Since entering the Chinese market in 1980, it has accompanied Chinese customers all the way to success. With continuous innovative technology and rich professional experience, Nalco helps customers achieve sustainable development while achieving business goals through the management of process and process improvement. Nalco has been committed to helping customers reduce operating costs, improve product quality, increase profitability, and reduce resource consumption with innovative paper chemicals, leading process technology, and professional on-site services. Nalco has been selected as the preferred supplier in the pulp and paper industry by readers of the world-renowned industry publication international pulp and paper (PPI) for six consecutive years

papermaking information: the external environment faced by China's papermaking industry in the recent past can be described as changing. The state has successively issued a series of environmental protection, waste paper and other policies, and the industry as a whole is facing problems such as shortage of fiber raw materials and rising costs. At this time, can Nalco's holding of the new papermaking technology seminar be understood as the embodiment of the company's customer-oriented market strategy with platform innovation as the core? At the symposium, what innovative solutions did Nalco launch for China's paper industry

Han Jiangwen: Nalco adheres to the market strategy of "customer-oriented and platform innovation as the core". The new technology promotion roadshow held in Jinan on November 2, 2018 is the concentrated embodiment of our market strategy. As the world's largest paper country, China's market is booming and its market demand is far greater than that of the United States. Nalco attaches great importance to the Chinese market. After the merger with Yikang, it has constantly adjusted its strategic objectives, recruited many R & D and management talents, invested a lot of money, and is determined to double its business volume within three years. Nalco's new technology promotion roadshow focused on two innovative solutions: Nalco closed system management and Nalco fiber substitution management. These two innovative solutions are also tailored to the challenges faced by China's paper enterprises in the recent development, focusing on solving the shortage of fiber raw materials in paper enterprises, dealing with the challenges of water restrictions and the increasingly closed paper machine system

papermaking information: in view of the innovative solutions you mentioned above to help Chinese paper enterprises cope with various production bottlenecks, what are the specific technical support and service advantages of Nalco

Han Jiangwen: Nalco fiber substitution management is an overall solution that includes many innovative technologies. Taking fillertek technology as an example, its advantage is that it can integrate many factors that affect the chemical characteristics of the wet end, improve ash content, retention and dehydration performance, and improve the speed and operation performance of the paper machine, while maintaining the normal operation of the paper machine and maintaining the stability of paper quality, To achieve the purpose of increasing the amount of filler to replace the high-cost fiber, and reduce the fiber cost, so as to reduce the total operating cost. Nalco closed system management solution adopts sulinda patented technology. According to the different needs of customers, especially under the condition of paper machine closed system, it can help paper enterprises improve the total operation efficiency of paper machine and reduce the total operation cost by providing customized technical solutions and on-site professional experience. Among them: one dimensional speed - improve the speed and operating efficiency of the paper machine; Two dimensional toughness - improve paper strength and quality; 3D - get rid of the problems of the closed system of the paper machine and reduce the comprehensive cost

Nalco has entered China to carry out business since 1980 and has served the Chinese market for nearly 40 years. Nalco and its parent company, Yikang group, have a fully equipped R & D center in China, covering an area of 5000 square meters, with 25 functional laboratories and nearly 100 researchers (70% doctoral degrees). While providing innovative technologies for the world, they are also committed to basing themselves on the local market, developing Jinan Shijin's analysis of the machinery industry and developing innovative technologies suitable for China. Nalco paper business department has a professional technical service team. On average, they have more than 20 years of working experience in the paper industry, 8-10 years of experience in the production and management of paper mills, a slight decline in the marine market or more than 10 years of experience in the application of paper chemicals, and have strong technical knowledge storage and market foresight. In addition, Nalco has 15 offices in China, with 500 sales and field service personnel

Nalco's services cover the whole production process of the enterprise, and can provide comprehensive solutions including products, equipment and consulting services to help customers calmly cope with various challenges faced in future production

Han Jiangwen, general manager of Nalco's paper business department, was interviewed. Paper information: China's paper industry has entered a period of high-quality development after in-depth adjustment. Paper enterprises pay more attention to cost control, environmental protection standards, efficient use of raw materials, refined management, etc. in this regard, what is Nalco's business development strategy and the adjustment direction of R & D? What are Nalco's current solutions

Han Jiangwen: Nalco firmly believes that if you want to do a good job in the Chinese market, you must root in China, carefully study and analyze the needs of Chinese customers, and fully understand the pain points of Chinese customers to help customers solve problems. Sustainable development has always been the core concept of Nalco and the primary principle of all our work. With continuous progress in technology and rich professional experience, Nalco helps customers deal with various problems in production and help them achieve sustainable development through water resource management and process improvement

there are mainly the following key directions:

● economic sustainability - focus on the economic growth of customers, employees and communities

● environmental management - protect precious and limited natural resources

● safety protection - ensure the physical and mental health of employees, contractors, customers and community residents

● social value - benefit mankind, communities and enterprises

in addition to the two platform innovative solutions launched by Nalco in the recent new 3, filling and nanotechnology technology promotion roadshow, Nalco can also provide innovative solutions in all-round water treatment, microbial control, sediment control, multifunctional polymers, efficient cleaning technology, enhancement and filtration for the paper industry. Through these innovative technologies and solutions, narco helps customers solve water system problems and help customers achieve sustainable development goals such as water conservation, energy conservation, emission reduction and efficiency improvement

papermaking information: as a leader in the field of water resources management and process improvement, Nalco has 90 years of inheritance and innovation. Do you have any suggestions and want to say about improving the operation efficiency of Chinese paper enterprises

Han Jiangwen: papermaking enterprises in developed countries such as Europe and the United States are highly concentrated and are more focused on in-depth cooperation with chemical suppliers, such as using use risk or total operating cost reduction (TCO) as the goal of operation management. At the same time, the research and development of new products and technologies adhere to the principle of joint development and benefit sharing

at present, the concentration of China's paper industry is relatively low, the number of small and medium-sized paper enterprises is large, and the market maturity is low. Paper enterprises still regard chemical suppliers such as chemicals as the object of reducing procurement costs. Through frequent bidding or tendering processes, prices are reduced, resulting in a mixed market, quality and service are difficult to be guaranteed, and it is difficult to reflect the market law of survival of the fittest. Domestic enterprises should have more social awareness in the production process, reduce resource consumption as much as possible, encourage everyone to recycle water and raw materials, deal with waste water and waste, reduce damage to the natural environment, and benefit future generations. Indeed, while achieving the above goals, we will encounter various technical problems, but Nalco believes that as long as we work together, we will find solutions suitable for each customer, and finally achieve green, environmental protection and sustainable development

Nalco's strength in this area is also an important reason to attract me to join. I have always believed that no matter how enterprises survive, they must not affect the lives of the people. With China's economic development, environmental issues have become the top priority for the development of domestic enterprises. I always hope that my work can be related to improving the atmosphere and solving environmental problems such as water pollution. So when I learned that Yikang is committed to protecting important resources closely related to life and making the world cleaner, safer and healthier, I chose to join Yikang and Nalco without hesitation. Because for the paper industry, Nalco cares more about how much resources are saved than just economic benefits. I believe that Nalco and its customers will work together to support the green development of the paper industry

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