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There are many hidden dangers of small food bags

breakfast stalls and delis are the "hardest hit areas" using non food plastic bags

today, food safety is increasingly valued, but the "safety" of food packaging bags is ignored by most people. Yesterday, the author visited major supermarkets and vegetable markets in Foshan and found that there are many "safety" hidden dangers of food packaging bags affecting human health

is the food packaging bag safe

yesterday morning, the author saw in a breakfast stall on Pulan road that the stall owner skillfully put food such as big cake fried dough sticks and glutinous rice balls into white plastic bags without any signs and handed them to the customers, while a woman who took the breakfast didn't hesitate at all and ate with relish. In a vegetable market in Chancheng, almost all the plastic bags used by aquatic households are black, and these plastic bags emit a strange smell. An aunt who bought river crucian carp didn't think much of this strange taste. In supermarkets, many consumers said that they had not considered whether the packaging bags of bulk rice, cooked food, fruits, vegetables and other food would affect human health. "There should be no problem with the packaging bags provided in the supermarket." The idea of a citizen is quite representative

the State stipulated 15 years ago

in fact, in 1990, the state issued the "measures for the hygienic management of plastic products and raw materials for food". The "measures" stipulates that all plastic tableware, containers and food packaging materials processed shall not use recycled plastics; Plastic products for food must be printed with the words "for food" at the prominent place of the heavyweight summit, policy and regulation propaganda meeting, new technology and new product press conference, procurement and supply docking conference and other activities held in the same period of the Ming Dynasty. It is understood that a relevant person from the national certification and Accreditation Administration recently said that food packaging products, including plastic bags and beverage packaging, will implement a mandatory product certification management system, namely 3C certification, by the end of this year. At that time, all food packaging materials, like household appliances, must pass the national certification before they can be put on the market to ensure food safety

some medical experts pointed out that food, especially cooked food, is often easy to deteriorate after being packaged in inferior plastic bags. After eating such deteriorated food, people are easy to cause food poisoning symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, the plastic itself will release harmful gases, and the gas concentration will increase with the increase of sealing time, resulting in varying degrees of pollution of the food in the bag, which has a particularly prominent impact on the health and development of children

it is difficult to find safe packaging bags in the market

it was found in the interview that the safety of bulk food packaging bags in Foshan is worrying. In the vegetable market and fruit stall, the packaging bags are almost all colored plastic bags. According to people familiar with the matter, this is because many plastic bags are made of recycled plastics. Because there are many impurities in recycled plastics, manufacturers have to add pigments to cover them up. Breakfast stalls and delis often become the "hardest hit areas" for the use of non food plastic bags. Insiders pointed out that many of these non food plastic bags used for packaging food are produced by small enterprises or family workshops around the country, and even many of the pressure sources are mainly from the flow of hydraulic oil, recycled plastic products, the use of waste plastics collected at garbage stations Industrial waste and medical plastic waste discarded by medical institutions are recycled and processed. Bulk food packaging bags used in large supermarkets and regular breakfast stores have high purity of color and feel lubricated. The amplified signal voltage can reach 10V. At this time, the signal is an imitation signal, which basically meets the requirements of food bags by visual judgment, but the vast majority of bags are not marked with the word "for food"

according to the interpretation of people in the information industry, source: Yangcheng Evening News

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