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Introduction: according to the latest agreement arrangement, the acquisition of Australian iron ore enterprise Sanders Resources Co., Ltd. by Sichuan Hanlong group is scheduled to be completed in March next year, This marks the countdown to the entry of a concerned Chinese private enterprise into a world-class iron ore mine in Africa. According to Han

according to Sichuan Hanlong group, according to the latest agreement, its acquisition of Australian iron ore enterprise Saunders Resources Co., Ltd. will be completed as planned in March next year, marking the countdown to the entry of a concerned Chinese private enterprise into Africa's world-class iron ore

according to Hanlong, according to the arrangement implementation agreement signed between Hanlong and Saunders on the comprehensive offer, Hanlong group will submit a court order to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission on February 12, 2013, and set February 19, 2013 as the equity registration date. The acquisition starts on February 26th, 2013 and ends on March 1st, 2013

Hanlong said that the company said that it would not rule out large-scale United Nations enterprises to form a group to develop the mubara iron ore project, a large-scale iron ore project in Africa in which Saunders has an absolute controlling stake, in order to compete for the voice of China's iron ore prices. Hanlong executives revealed that at present, super large state-owned enterprise groups and super large steel enterprises are negotiating cooperation with them

as Saunders has absolute control of the mubara iron ore project, a large high-grade iron ore located on the central coast of West Africa, it means that once Hanlong succeeds in this acquisition, it will own this undeveloped iron ore area

Hanlong, who has carried out relevant planning work in mubara iron mine in the early stage, introduced that the development of mubara iron mine phase I project includes: the mine development plan with an annual output of 35million tons of iron ore, the construction plan of a carrying railway with a total length of more than 550 kilometers and the construction plan of a deep-water port with a throughput of more than 35million tons/year. The total investment is expected to exceed 5billion US dollars, and the project is expected to reach production in 2014. The main resources of mubara iron ore project are concentrated in the mbarga mining area in Cameroon and the nabeba mining area in Congo (Brazzaville). At present, no more than 10% of the mining area has been explored. Through detailed exploration, 90million to 150million tons of high-grade direct ore can be added to 775 million tons in the near future

in November this year, Hanlong group, Saunders and the Cameroonian government signed the main document of the mineral rights convention for the mubara iron ore project. Hanlong will establish and control its own transportation infrastructure system in the 'iron triangle' area, including railways and deep water ports covering the entire mining area. At the same time, the development certificate of nabeba iron ore in Congo (Brazzaville) under the project will also be issued by the president of Congo (Brazzaville) in the near future where necessary

Hanlong launched a wholly-owned tender offer for sanders on July 15, 2011 for better designed fiber reinforced plastic products. At that time, the purchase price per share was $0.5. On September 30, 2011, a wholly-owned acquisition agreement was reached, and the final acquisition price was $0.57 per share, with a total acquisition amount of about $1.7 billion. In August this year, Hanlong lowered its purchase price to a $0.45 per share and was accepted, reducing the purchase amount by 2billion yuan

Saunders Resources Co., Ltd. is an international iron ore exploration and development company, which is establishing a global iron ore business in Central West Africa. Founded in 1997, Sichuan Hanlong group has more than 30 wholly-owned and holding enterprises with assets of more than 36billion yuan. Taking the arithmetic mean value of 10 sample tests, its annual sales exceed 16billion yuan. In recent years, the group has frequently entered the international mineral resources market, especially made strategic acquisitions in the fields of molybdenum, iron ore, uranium and other mineral resources

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