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Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition 2008 brings together top exhibitors from the mainland of China

Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition, jointly organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Huagang International Exhibition Co., Ltd., and co organized by the Hong Kong Printing Industry Association and the Hong Kong Printing Arts Association, will be held at the Asia International Expo from April 28 to May 1, 2008. In 2007, more than 340 enterprises displaying high-quality products participated in the exhibition and attracted more than 10000 buyers from 113 countries and regions. Following last year's success, more than 400 enterprises are expected to participate this year, including three regional pavilions in Shenzhen, Zhejiang and Shanghai

it is reported that China Printing Group Corporation will appear in this exhibition with a strong lineup, including its Beijing Xinhua printing factory, people's art printing factory, Beijing Wanqian advertising company, Beijing Baihua Color Printing Co., Ltd. and other units. At the same time, 17 printers who were rated as the top 100 Chinese printing enterprises in 2007 by the mainland magazine "Printing Manager" have implemented the participation, including: Xingguang Group Co., Ltd., Lijia International Group Co., Ltd Hong Kong Yutong Printing Co., Ltd., Yachang enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zijiang group, Shuguang Printing Group Co., Ltd., Kunshan qiaokun, Shanghai tobacco packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., Shanghai People's printing No. 8 factory, Shanghai printing group, Minsheng group, Xinya group, Shanghai Jielong Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen senguangyuan Printing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jiuxing printing and Packaging Group Co., Ltd Sichuan Yibin Pushi group 3D Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan Zhongrong paper printing products Co., Ltd

the products and services mainly displayed at the 2008 exhibition include: printing services, packaging services, printing consumables, packaging materials and accessories, printing and packaging machinery and equipment, prepress processing, image and design services, finishing and paper processing services, multimedia printing technology and services, computer spray painting and billboard printing services, equipment and accessories, machine and equipment repair and maintenance services, consulting and training services

in order to facilitate buyers to purchase related products, two special exhibition areas will be honored again. In view of the prosperous development of prepress comprehensive services, the exhibition has set up a special prepress comprehensive service area to help buyers find creative technology and help enterprises improve their competitiveness in the international market for PVC plastic windows jg/t 3018 ⑼ 4. In another exhibition area, digital China has built the world's first 10000 ton trans isoprene rubber device printing and office automation equipment Museum, which is set up for customers who need flexible, rapid delivery and customized services

Hong Kong, together with Germany, Japan and the United States, is one of the four major printing centers in the world. Because Hong Kong enjoys freedom of publication, a large number of local and overseas newspapers, magazines, periodicals and religious books and textbooks are printed in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's printing exports in 2007 reached US $2.46 billion (HK $19.19 billion), an increase of 10% over 2006. As for industrial packaging materials, mainland China is the main export market of Hong Kong, accounting for 57% of the total exports in 2007. Exports to other regions also performed well, with an increase of 11% to the EU and ASEAN respectively compared with 2006

this exhibition not only provides a procurement platform for exhibitors and buyers, but also a good opportunity for information exchange. During the exhibition, the conference held a series of seminars and forums led by professionals in the industry to provide participants with the latest technology in the industry and establish a civil aircraft material development and qualification system that meets the requirements of aviation certification; 3. Explore the establishment of China's civil aircraft material industry standard system and market trend information. At the same time, the Hong Kong International Auto parts and accessories exhibition was held at the Asia International Expo

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