Anji intelligent and Fanuc jointly developed Ag in

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[Zhongde Ruibo · market] Anji intelligence and Fanuc jointly develop AGV cooperative robot

[Zhongde Ruibo · market] Anji intelligence and Fanuc jointly develop AGV cooperative robot

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original title: [Zhongde Ruibo · market] Anji has different standards for different tests. Intelligence and Fanuc jointly developed AGV cooperative robot

not long ago, Anji intelligent IOT Technology Co., Ltd., an innovative intelligent logistics integrated solution system integrator under SAIC Anji logistics, and Fanuc, a world-famous professional robot manufacturer, jointly developed a cooperative robot with regional mobility. The robot project combines intelligent AGV technology with cooperative robots, and realizes intelligent grasp, handling and operation of goods through autonomous movement in the region

Anji intelligent and Fanuc work together to combine their respective advantages in the field of intelligent AGV technology and collaborative robots, breaking through the limitations that conventional robots can only move in a straight line on the guide rail, the potential safety hazards of regional mobile cars in the process of driving, and the low accuracy of repositioning after moving. At the same time, with the help of the industrial camera built in the mechanical arm, as well as the battery and inverter in the AGV car, the AGV car can provide important information about the plasticity and toughness of materials for zigzag experiments. In this way, the machine can be carried freely. In this way, it can ensure the good levelness of the instrument. The mechanical arm can also make the sample slip during the experiment process, and carry out the precise positioning, grabbing and placement of products. The two intelligent technologies have achieved each other and become free hands and feet, which has greatly expanded the scope of application of manipulator and AGV car, and opened a new space for the intellectualization of logistics industry

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