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Hong Kong Printing award Nine Dragons Paper won the enterprise society award

recently, the 20th Hong Kong Printing award ceremony was grandly held in Shangri La Hotel, Kowloon, Hong Kong. With its consistent outstanding performance in the field of social welfare and enterprise in recent years, Nine Dragons Paper successfully entered the shortlist and finally won the enterprise society award, which can be said to be well deserved

it is reported that the Hong Kong Printing awards, jointly organized by the Hong Kong Publishing Society, the Hong Kong printing society, and the Hong Kong Productivity Council, has been successfully held for 20 times since it was founded in 1989 and participated in the selection. The jury of the conference is composed of representatives from various printing, publishing and design professional groups in Hong Kong. Every year, it will select publications and printed matter from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Chinese Mainland and the world, which is the best way to make the spacecraft lighter. The purpose is to encourage printing, publishing and related industries to continue to create excellent and competitive printing density of 250 ~ 300kg/m3 brushes, and to show the strength of China's printing industry overseas, All the winning works represent the highest achievements of the year in various professional fields. The theme of this year's award is printing to change life

as the largest packaging paper manufacturer in China and even Asia, Nine Dragons Paper knows that the source of enterprise survival and development lies in cultivating internal skills and giving back to the society. From the beginning of its establishment, Nine Dragons Paper has been seeking its own development, creating employment opportunities and persisting in the cause of environmental protection. For the government and society, it itself reflects a highly responsible corporate attitude and valuable character. The outstanding performance of Nine Dragons Paper Industry, from silently supporting poor students to study professional skills in Universities for many years to winning the China Friendship paper products Environmental Protection Award, from the selfless donation of the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake to the establishment of Nine Dragons glory fund to assist in the construction of school buildings in disaster areas, has all practiced the enterprise society. This valuable quality of the enterprise has not only created the leading position of Nine Dragons group in the paper industry, but also won the unanimous praise of the society

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