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Hong Kong plans to fully implement plastic bag charges in the retail industry

the Hong Kong government plans to expand the plastic bag levy scheme to cover the vast majority of retailers. Since the implementation of the plastic bag tax in July 2009, it is considered to have achieved remarkable results

in the bill submitted to the Legislative Council, the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department said that it had reduced the use of plastic shopping bags by at least 75%, concentrated in the largest 3000 supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies, and public opinion supported expanding the scope to cover more stores

excessive use of plastic shopping bags is still a serious problem, and many retail stores are still distributing free shopping bags, the EPA said in the proposal. The excessive use of plastic shopping bags and subsequent discarding have increased the pressure on the already strained waste to store the samples under the specified temperature test to the experimental landfill resources

Hong Kong plastic bag manufacturers' Association did not respond strongly to this, saying that its members have adjusted their business in recent years and positioned themselves on higher value products

our Association's response is that life continues, such an attitude, said Huang Weiwei, executive vice president of the association and sales director of Hong Kong Huanyu hardware and plastic products factory Co., Ltd

however, he mentioned the results of a 2011 study of the association, which believed that although the use of plastic shopping bags in Hong Kong has declined in recent years, the consumption of plastic bags continues to increase. Consumers do not have extra plastic shopping bags to hold garbage, so they buy more plastic garbage bags

I 1. Change the common sense of safety protection of the experimental machine: we found that the tonnage of [sales volume 999999] of our products has not decreased, he said. It has been growing steadily in the past few years

Fujian Shenyuan new materials Co., Ltd. officially launched the first phase of pile foundation construction of the 1million ton/year caprolactam project. The association said that the glue consumption of garbage bags in Hong Kong increased by 63%, plastic non-woven bags increased by 96%, and traditional retail shopping bags fell by 68%

however, the environmental protection agency believes that charging has reduced the use of plastic shopping bags by 90%, and there is room for further reduction, because 96% of the 4.4 billion plastic shopping bags entering Hong Kong landfills every year come from businesses not covered by the charging plan at present

the revised draft proposal of the environmental protection agency covers a wide range, covering the sale of most physical products. In addition to extending to other retailers, the proposal also includes the service industry, such as selling hair care products or tutoring school sales textbooks

the biggest change in this proposal is that businesses can leave these 50 ports for each plastic shopping bag they sell. Now they need to hand over all the fees to the government

the environmental protection agency said it hoped to reduce the administrative burden of businesses, especially the small-scale stores that newly joined the program, but it said it would urge all businesses to donate the proceeds of plastic bag charges to environmental protection undertakings

the government also disclosed that the actual total charges since 2009 have been much less than predicted, about HK $2650 a year. It was originally expected to charge HK $200million a year

Hong Kong has about 7.1 million residents

the revised draft of the environmental protection agency will exempt packaging bags related to food hygiene, but will cover transparent plastic bags used to pack refrigerated or frozen food

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