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Hong Kong police seized gasoline bombs and drones: Mob means close to foreign terrorist attacks

Hong Kong police seized gasoline bombs and drones: Mob means close to foreign terrorist attacks

time: October 17, 2019 07:05:42 Zhongcai

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Hong Kong police have seized gasoline bombs and drones: the means of mobs are close to foreign terrorist attacks

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"Hong Kong is Hong Kong of China!" The Hong Kong police have seized petrol bombs and drones: the mob means are close to foreign terrorist attacks. The Hong Kong police held a meeting on the afternoon of October 16 to explain a case involving explosives in Tai Kok Tsui on October 15 by thickening the viscosity of the oil

the police said that gasoline bombs, drones, throwers, detonators and other items were found in the residence of the arrested person, pointing out that the current attack mode of the mob is close to the foreign terrorist attack mode

the general police made it suitable to package harmful or toxic materials. According to the all media news, zouwangzhong, the superintendent of the drug investigation bureau of Hong Kong Police, said that the police had received a tip earlier that someone planned to make gasoline bombs, arson and destroy social peace

after investigation, the police targeted a residential unit on Oak Street, Tai Kok Tsui, and took action at 7:30 last night (the 15th). First, they intercepted and investigated two Hong Kong local men, aged 17 and 23, who were believed to be related to several recent illegal assembly cases. They reported that they were students and unemployed. The unit involved was rented by one of the arrested persons for a short time

agents found six gasoline bombs and a large number of raw materials suspected of making gasoline bombs in the above units, including electric oil (gasoline), Tianna water (banana water), sugar, glass bottles and suspected metal powder. At the same time, they found modified portable devices, which are believed to be used as detonators. The relevant devices have been handed over to the explosive disposal division for follow-up treatment

the police showed the sources of the seized detonating devices, explosive production tools and so on: universal

zouwangzhong said that the police also found three UAVs and three throwers. After the police investigation, it is believed that the throwing device installed on the UAV can drop objects from the air. If the thrown objects are lethal and fall into the crowd, they are bound to cause serious casualties

source of the UAV and throwers seized by the police: globegroup

as for the plan of the arrested person, the police said that they did not rule out any possibility and needed further investigation, and there was no conclusion at present

the screenshot of the Hong Kong Police Association of the same type of UAV throwers displayed by superintendent Zou wangzhong of the drug investigation bureau

Zou wangzhong said that the police seized three unsealed long knives, four short knives, forks (slingshots), multiple folding knives, smoke cakes, signal bombs, etc. in the residence of one of the arrested in Huangpu

source of offensive weapons seized by the police: globegroup

the police are currently arresting two men on charges of "possession of explosives", "illegal assembly" and "possession of offensive weapons"

the superintendent of explosive ordnance disposal division, Li Zhanchao, said that in addition to gasoline bombs, home-made bombs have appeared in the dangerous goods used by thugs recently

he said that no matter gasoline bombs or homemade bombs, when they are used, they are no longer under the control of users. In other words, all people present may be injured by these dangerous goods without direction and difference. The situation is worrying

zouwangzhong said that since July, the police have detected a number of cases involving the production of gasoline bombs or TATP (trioxyacetone trioxide) explosives. According to section 54 of the Crimes Ordinance, chapter 200 of the laws of Hong Kong, any person who illegally and maliciously manufactures, has in his possession or controls any explosives with the intention of endangering life or causing serious damage to property is guilty of an offence and is liable to imprisonment for up to 20 years; Under section 53, any person who detonates a bomb maliciously, whether or not actual harm has been caused to other persons or property, commits an offence and is liable to imprisonment for life

he added that at present, the mob's attack and the way of making explosives are close to the foreign terrorist attack mode, but whether it is defined as terrorist attack should refer to the relevant provisions of the United Nations. He also said that the current terrorist attack risk in Hong Kong remained at a moderate level

(observer note: according to the documents of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, the threat assessment of terrorist attack in Hong Kong is divided into three levels: "high", "medium" and "low". Although "medium" represents the possibility of attack, there is no specific intelligence indicating that Hong Kong may become the target of attack.) (observer)

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