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The Hong Kong Printing Association organized a delegation to visit Hongji gravure printing and green art production company

on the afternoon of September 14, 2007, the Hong Kong Printing Association organized a delegation to inspect printing enterprises. The 33 member delegation led by the chairman of the Hong Kong Printing Association, Tan lizhuan, visited Hongji engraving gravure printing Co., Ltd. and green art (Overseas) production company. The executive members of the Hong Kong Printing Association, Lin he'an, Chen Peiji and Li Hai, in order to reduce machine equipment The vibration and noise during the operation of transportation vehicles (such as trains, cars, planes and ships) also signed up for the event

the visiting group first came to Hongji engraving gravure printing Co., Ltd. Mr. Xu HuLong and Xu Aijia gave a warm reception to everyone. The company is good at engraving gravure technology, which is unique and difficult. Its printed products are relatively expensive, comparable to works of art, and its factories are rarely opened to the outside world. During this visit, there will be a short application lecture. Tanlizhuan, chairman of the society of printing arts, also exchanged views with the company's products based on her experience in advertising media, and presented souvenirs to Mr. Xu HuLong on behalf of the society of printing arts

then, everyone came to Lvyi (Overseas) production for a visit. Dicky C, the person in charge, briefly introduced the history and achievements of Lvyi company in recent years to the visiting group by using hi ant technology program Hoy, and introduced some experience and experience of using Agfa green version and other environmental protection products. Green art was founded in 1981. At the beginning of its establishment, it took environmental protection as the major premise and was determined to become an environmental protection printing expert. Not only does it take environmental protection as the goal in its internal operation, materials used by printing houses to improve the overall performance of various transportation and industrial departments, machine applications and staff training, but also actively cooperates with other institutions to discuss solutions to save energy, better supports environmental protection groups and activities, and promotes environmental protection in society

through this visit, you have a strong interest in the enterprises you visited, and have a deeper understanding of environmental protection and other contents, and you have gained a lot

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