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Hong Kong songqian group invests in special paper project in Wuzhou

it is reported that the project of Wuzhou Tiansheng special paper products of Hong Kong songqian Group officially signed a contract recently, with an annual construction scale of 30000 tons of carbon free copy paper and 100000 tons of base paper. After the completion of the project, the sales volume of special paper in Wuzhou will rank second in the national industry

Hong Kong songqian group plans to spread the original in Guangdong East to tilt and overturn experiments; Bounce experiment; Factories in Dongguan, Foshan, Wuxi, Jiangsu and other places have all been integrated into Wuzhou Industrial Park to invest in the production of watermark carbon free carbon copy paper and base paper, with a total investment of 450million yuan, and an annual sales revenue of 1.2 billion yuan after production

at present, Hong Kong songqian group has allocated 100million yuan for this project. How can the jaw of the hydraulic universal testing machine slip? Jin started the preliminary work of process design and plant planning. The first phase of the project is planned to start construction at the end of this year and officially put into production in the second quarter of next year

Tan Jin'an, general manager of Hong Kong songqian Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., said that the special paper products project will be designed, constructed and installed with a high starting point and high standards, and strive to become a major pillar industry in Wuzhou

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