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[Liaoning bison] Ili water quality analysis sampling instrument manufacturer

[Liaoning bison] Ili water quality analysis sampling instrument manufacturer

surface oil water sampler conforms to gb/t and gb/t national standards. It is designed with reference to similar foreign products. It is suitable for collecting water and other liquid products at or near atmospheric pressure. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, education, environmental protection, health, electric power, scientific research and other water treatment industries

material: stainless steel

specification: 500ml, 1000ml

water quality sampler is a water quality sample collection appliance with metal block and acrylic structure; The instrument meets the requirements of the national regulations on water environment sampling instruments, and is equipped with a water inlet, a water inlet valve and a water outlet shut-off system; When using this tool to collect water samples, you can go deep into any depth in the water and collect water samples at any level according to the collection needs. It is simple and reliable to use. It is surface water, groundwater, sewage Tools necessary for seawater monitoring and water sampling.

Chinese name

water sampler



temperature measurement range

0 ℃ - 50 ℃

sampling depth


temperature measurement error

± 1 ℃

technical parameters

1 Volume: 2500ml

2 Temperature measurement range: 0 ℃ - 50 ℃, sampling depth: m

3 Temperature measurement error: ± 1 ℃

4 Size: (diameter) 150mm × (height) 350mm

the optical system and the peristaltic pump are controlled by fuzzy algorithm. The constant temperature control is used for the light source, so the effective stroke of the tension machine needs to be 480 ~ 690mm to ensure the normal operation of the experiment, which avoids the influence of the drift of the light source signal on the measurement results, and greatly improves the stability and accuracy of the measurement; Peristaltic pump negative pressure, there is always an air buffer zone between the reagent and the pump pipe, which avoids the corrosion of the pump pipe; Unique structural design, using imported improved Teflon transparent hose, which reduces the probability of particle blockage of water sample and reduces the failure rate of this product; The accurate measurement of reagents and the accurate quantification of trace reagents are realized through the visual photoelectric system; It has a high-temperature and high-pressure digestion system to speed up the reaction process and overcome the corrosion of equipment caused by the volatilization of corrosive gases in the open system; It can be used to evaluate the treatment efficiency of sewage treatment facilities in enterprises, calculate the amount of sewage discharged by enterprises, and facilitate the environmental protection department to check the pollution control situation of enterprises. It can also reflect the importance of enterprises to environmental protection issues and their sense of society. Chemical and petrochemical plants, electroplating smelters, printing and dyeing textile factories, paper mills, food manufacturers, shipyards, batteries due to the Wa of FA rose to FB WB plant and other pollution source emission industries

product features: the sampling time can be arbitrarily set within 1min ~ 99h59min. With large LCD display, intelligent management system, menu setting, it can record the last sampling time, continuous sampling, intermittent sampling, intelligent power management, timely display of power, charging instructions, impact test box, but there is a different quotation? The memory free high-performance lithium battery is adopted, and there is no need to discharge the sampler before charging. In the lithium battery pack, a short-circuit current limiting protection device is specially designed to ensure that the sampler works within the safe current range, so as to improve the safety performance of the sampler. When the battery voltage is lower than 6V, the material has different mechanical actions and failure phenomena, (please charge in time) the sampler automatically starts self-protection to avoid affecting the service life of the battery due to battery over discharge. Working principle, technical parameters and working conditions: flow range: 0.1 ~ 1l/min, 0.1 ~ 1.5l/min, 0 L/min, l/min, ml/min (optional) flow error: ≤± 5% timing error: ≤± 1% o * * * negative pressure: ≥ 35000pa charging current: 1000mA (standard type) sampling time: ≥ 240Min working temperature: - 10 - 40 ℃ noise: ≤ 60dB relative humidity: ≤ 85% weight: 1.6kg volume: 210x150x90mm use and maintenance: sampling: fix the absorption bottle with absorption solution (or activated carbon sampling tube)

h26185 temperature and humidity pressure detector is a pocket type measuring instrument used to measure temperature and humidity. It is widely used in public places, environmental protection, labor health, scientific research, agriculture, meteorology and other aspects, as well as in the detection and control of temperature and humidity in various industrial production such as food, machinery, electronics, petroleum, chemical industry, and for heating, indoor environment, offices, laboratories, hotels, restaurants, factories, warehouses Real time monitoring of temperature and humidity in cold storage room and other environments. The instrument is compact and easy to carry, which is convenient for indoor and outdoor use. 2. Introduction h26185 temperature and humidity detector adopts Swiss CMOSens? Technology of high-precision sensors, sensing elements and signal processing circuits are integrated together to output fully calibrated high-precision digital signals. Ensure that the product has high reliability and excellent long-term stability. Therefore, the product has the advantages of excellent quality, rapid response, strong anti-interference ability and so on. Moreover, it has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, high sensitivity, light weight, simple operation, digital direct reading and so on

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