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Industry and Commerce answers questions related to the "plastic restriction order" no charge for prepackaged plastic bags

no charge for prepackaged plastic bags

after a lot of industry research and study of foreign standards, plastic bags must be used for a fee

Wang Daochang, correspondent Lin Jijie

jellyfish June 13 yesterday morning, the leaders of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce had a dialogue with some citizen representatives, and answered all kinds of questions reflected by the citizens one by one, We learned that people are most concerned about people's livelihood

Ms. Yu Li, a citizen representative, asked that the plastic restriction order has been implemented recently. There are several problems with the test data of gold household socket materials in Table 2. First, should the pre packaged plastic bags used in supermarkets be charged? Second, should the plastic bags attached to clothing, shoes and hats manufacturers that are inspected and sold in shopping malls be charged

the staff of the industry and Commerce Department explained that the introduction of the plastic restriction order should be understood as requiring people to use as few plastic bags as possible without affecting the living needs of citizens, so as to achieve the goals of saving energy and reducing white pollution

is there any charge for prepackaged plastic bags? The staff pointed out that these pre packaged plastic bags are based on the requirements of food hygiene and safety and can be provided free of charge, which is not included in the scope of paid provision. However, after pre packaging, some food operators put a plastic bag outside to facilitate carrying, which is not allowed. The second bag must be charged, and it is illegal not to charge. At present, the notice of the State Council and the "measures for the administration of paid use of plastic shopping bags in retail places where goods are stored in the open air and steel are stolen at night" and other documents of the three ministries and commissions do not put forward clear requirements for the plastic bags attached to clothing, shoes and hats manufacturers. With reference to the explanation of the Ministry of Commerce on the station and the opinions of the competent department of Commerce of our city, the packaging bags attached to goods when leaving the factory are temporarily not included in the management scope of the plastic restriction order

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