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Manitowak: Botan new HUP series crane

manitowak: Botan new HUP series crane

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Botan HUP self-contained tower crane has a series of new functions, setting a new standard for the whole industry

Botan HUP crane, which first appeared at Bauma exhibition in Munich in early 2016, is the first model in the new self-contained tower crane series, and has many design elements that will change the crane market. Optional and convenient transportation, fast automatic rack 2, wire changing the working conditions of the experimental machine and wearable remote control device are all new functions to improve the efficiency of users

Botan's new HUP series crane

"the crane we designed is easy to transport and use, and has also introduced new components. It is a model with strong power and charging facilities in the self-contained tower crane, and the market scope may reach 100 billion yuan." Said Jean Pierre zafiro, global product manager, crane division, CPLD design and operation problems of Manitoba wackpotan self-contained tower universal testing machine. "Our goal is to design powerful, flexible and mobile cranes, so that users can complete a wide range of work with one crane, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the machine."

like other Botan self-contained tower cranes, HUP is suitable for construction sites with narrow sites. It is equipped with two adjustable towers, with a third telescopic tower in the middle. This design increases the height of the hook from 21m to 27m when the third tower column is extended. The jib of the crane can also be selected in different positions. The elevation angle of the jib can reach 30 ° and the height of the boom tip can reach 40m. Langsheng is currently building a 1500 square meter fourth production center in its brilon factory

four in one crane

users will find that this crane is particularly flexible to use, and its tail turning radius is only 2.25m, which can be closer to the buildings on the construction site

there are two kinds of support areas: 4 m x 4 m or 3.5 m x 4.42 M. the dynamic deployment of the crane can move freely even in the most crowded space. In addition, the built-in level adjustment system can enable the crane to be erected on a slope of up to 8 °, that is, when the height difference between the two legs is 25cm

"having HUP is like having four cranes. From the preliminary feedback, the user's attitude is very positive." Zafiro said. "We spent more than a year testing these cranes, and finally realized our design. We believe that the new series of cranes represent the cutting-edge technology of self-contained tower cranes."

now HUP is finally fully launched. Manitowak will soon launch the next model of this series of products, HUP

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