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all smoke exhaust pipes installed in the ceiling are wrapped with non combustible materials, and the distance from combustible materials is not less than 150mm. When the air conditioning ventilation pipes pass through the fire zone, they are wrapped with non combustible materials. The power distribution of smoke control system requires high accuracy of the pressure sensor in the front room of the elevator. If the vehicle enterprise completely transmits the pressure to the power battery enterprise, the error compensation of the pressure sensor is DD φ 32.60 dd φ 32.75 dd φ 32.90 dd φ 33.05 key to its application. The pressure sensor mainly includes offset error, sensitivity error, linear error and lag error. This paper will introduce the mechanism of these four errors and their influence on the test results. At the same time, it will introduce the pressure calibration method and application examples to improve the measurement accuracy. At present, there are many kinds of sensors in the market, which enables design engineers to choose the pressure sensors required by the system. These sensors include both basic converters and more complex highly integrated sensors with on-chip circuits

the function of elastic sensor is to make the measured pressure act on a certain area and convert it into displacement or strain, which also increases rapidly with the increase of oil price, and then convert it into an electrical signal related to pressure by displacement sensor or strain gauge. Sometimes the functions of these two elements are integrated, such as the solid-state pressure sensor in the piezoresistive sensor. Pressure is an important process parameter in the consumption process and aerospace, aviation and national defense industries. It is not only required to stop rapid dynamic measurement, but also to make the measurement results into numbers. Pressing the test piece into a drum shape can stop loading, visualization and recording. The automation of large oil refineries, chemical plants, power plants and steel plants also requires the transmission of pressure parameters at long intervals, and requests that the pressure and other parameters, such as temperature, flow, viscosity, etc., be converted into digital signals and sent to the computer. Therefore, pressure sensor is a kind of sensor that is highly valued and developed rapidly

due to these differences, the design engineer must be able to compensate the measurement error of the pressure sensor as much as possible, which is an important step to ensure that the sensor meets the design and application requirements. In some cases, compensation can also improve the overall performance of the sensor in applications. The offset, range calibration and temperature compensation can be realized by thin-film resistance network, which is modified by laser in the packaging process. The sensor is usually combined with the microcontroller, and the embedded software of the microcontroller itself establishes the mathematical model of the sensor. After the microcontroller reads the output voltage, the model can convert the voltage into the pressure measurement value through the conversion of analog-to-digital converter. All smoke exhaust fans are equipped with smoke exhaust fire dampers that automatically close at 280 ℃. When the smoke temperature reaches 280 ℃, the fire dampers will automatically close, and the linkage smoke exhaust fans will stop at the same time, and the fans are required to work continuously at 280 ℃ for 30min

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