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Manitowac crane assists in Construction: manitowac crane assists in Construction: manitowac crane is the main force in one of the largest infrastructure projects in North America. The New York bridge project, which replaces the Tappan Zee bridge that has stood on the Hudson River in New York for 60 years, is using 30 cranes to carry out a large number of hoisting operations. About half of the cranes are made in manitowac

the New York bridge project consists of a 5-kilometer (3-mile) double bridge connecting New York and New Jersey, with a cost of about $3.9 billion. The Tappan Zee constructors (TZC) consortium is responsible for this four contractor project. The contractor selected the crane manufactured by manitowak to complete half of the hoisting operations of the project

manitowak crane is the main force in one of the largest infrastructure projects in North America.

Bob Hammond, the equipment manager of the consortium, said that there were about 30 cranes on the construction site, of which 14 were made by manitowak. He joined the consortium from granite construction in Watsonville, California, one of the four member companies of TZC

"many partners in the consortium brought manitowac cranes to the project," he said. "These include a Manitowoc crawler crane that loads and unloads materials from the barge; two manitowak 4600 ringer cranes that are responsible for piling, concreting, casting and shaping and are able to efficiently enrich and grab harmful heavy metals in the soil; one manitowak 14000 that is responsible for cleaning and excavation; and one manitowak 999 that uses a grab to clean the excavated materials."

manitowak mlc165, manitowak 3900 and manitowak 4000W also appeared in the busy construction site, which can accommodate up to 500 workers at a time. There are about 6000 assembly equipment and 55 hoisting personnel working with the crane fleet from sunrise to sunset to be busy with hoisting operations, and there should be no mistakes

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although several cranes on site are provided by consortium partners, TZC consortium chose to purchase two cranes specifically for this project: Manitowoc mlc165 and Manitowoc, which can change the pressure of hydraulic oil entering the upper chamber of cylinder 4

these two cranes were purchased from Hoffman equipment in Piscataway, New Jersey. The manitowac dealer has four locations in New York and New Jersey. The company has been engaged in the leasing, sales and maintenance of construction equipment in the United States and other countries for 40 years

"Hoffman also plays an important role in helping us install cranes and help us maintain the crane fleet, make the machines operate normally and realize industrial trial production." Hoffman said

manitowac mlc165 with a lifting capacity of 165 tons (182 US tons) selected by the project is the latest compact crawler crane in manitowac. It is placed on the barge with a main boom of 54 meters (177 feet) long and configured using a static list load diagram. The heeling and pitching instruments of the crane are very convenient, because the crane is used on the barge. Before lifting a heavy object weighing up to 18 tons (20 US tons) to a height of about 27 meters (90 feet), it floats to the target position where it is always happy to receive online shopping packages

"this size of machine is the most suitable," explained pasqueale tomasetti, the account manager of Hoffman equipment, which helped promote the sales of cranes. "It is also widely used. It can not only be used as a ship borne crane for construction, but also perform maintenance and assistance for nearly 30 cranes on the construction site."

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