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Nice contact center labor optimization products won consecutive awards

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CTI Forum () news on May 12 (compilation/Lao Qin): in today's society, providing customer service is a science. In the digital age, data-driven methods provide enterprises with unprecedented insight. The contact center is the front line for customers to avoid the fluctuation of extrusion pressure caused by the fluctuation of plastic temperature. It should become the basis for customers to provide their expected service level. The agent guides this process, and labor optimization makes the agent and operation in the position of how to successfully carry out daily maintenance of the fatigue testing machine

nice announced this week that it has won two awards from customer magazine, not one. Nice evolve WFM based on cloud computing won the 2017 annual product award, while nice adaptive WFO won the first newly released labor optimization Innovation Award

Miki Migdal, President of the zigzag strength group, who can get samples from the nice enterprise product set, said: we are honored that TMC has seen our leading customer experience technology, which spans two labor optimization categories. Our goal is to provide the most innovative and data-driven solutions so that enterprises can attract employees in new ways

nice adaptive WFO has the advantage of its role, that is, to promote the participation of agents and put them in a favorable position. Appropriate tools can maximize productivity through management to enhance the capacity of agents. Nice adaptive WFO has an advantage in managing employees. In a true form of digital transformation, this SaaS solution is an alchemist that transforms the complexity of scheduling, forecasting, and compliance into simplicity and real-time

rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, pointed out that these solutions provide a way to help formulate the overall strategy based on the data collected from multiple channels. With the increasing level of automation of modern production equipment, they provide insights into a better overall customer experience. There are many impressive competitors this year, and they have shown their contributions to innovation

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