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Ni launched mmwave testing solution to accelerate 5g business process

May 21, 2019 - niweek Ni (national instruments, abbreviated as Ni), a software centric platform supplier, is committed to helping users accelerate the development of automated testing and automatic measurement systems and improve their performance. Today, the company announced the launch of millimeter wave vector signal transceiver (VST), To solve the test challenges brought by 5g millimeter wave RFIC transceiver and power amplifier

however, the automotive industry needs far more than a fast curing resin. With chip manufacturers competing to commercialize 5g millimeter wave technology, engineers are facing more severe challenges. They need to deal with unresolved new technical requirements while accelerating product progress. Ni's millimeter wave testing solution can solve these challenges in R & D laboratories and mass production environments. The solution can provide:

measurement quality to meet the strict technical requirements of the laboratory. An architecture is designed to meet the specific needs of millimeter wave chip production and testing. The unified software experience simplifies the measurement and automation. The solution of Ni adopts millimeter wave VST, combines RF signal generator, RF signal analyzer and integrated switch, and has a 1 GHz instantaneous bandwidth with a frequency of up to 44 GHz. In addition to the existing PXI based metallography in the laboratory, which mainly refers to the branch characterization system of material discipline that analyzes, studies and characterizes the microstructure, macrostructure and fracture structure of materials with the help of metallographic microscope and stereomicroscope, the instrument itself can be integrated into the Ni semiconducting test system (STS), so as to promote its developed ABS, pmma/abs Pc/abs high gloss spray free material performs well on electronic and electrical enclosures. Choosing a tester based on the modular PXI platform can help engineers using STS quickly integrate new measurement functions (such as 13. Test speed 5g) into the test unit, thereby improving cost-effectiveness and reducing the risk of delaying the time to market

Eric starkloff, President and chief operating officer of Ni, said that in the competition to bring 5g technology to the market, traditional RF semiconductor testing methods are trying to achieve the flexibility and cost expectations of 5g equipment. Millimeter wave VST is another example that Ni can combine our industry-leading platform with the insights of customers to realize customers' disruptive innovation. This product has many innovations and can meet the testing requirements of 5g millimeter wave equipment. The new calibration integrated switch can support up to 32 channels, which can improve the accuracy of beamforming and phased array measurement without additional infrastructure. The modular front-end design can achieve accurate and cost-effective measurement, while maintaining forward compatibility with the future 5g band. Through these innovations, engineers can measure at GHz and GHz at the same time

The millimeter wave VST released by Ni is an epitome of Ni's continuous efforts to help customers reduce costs and shorten the time to market of RFIC devices. Millimeter wave VST complements Ni's Modular Instrument portfolio, which covers more than 600 PXI products, from DC to millimeter wave, and Ni measurement software for 2G, 3G, LTE advanced Pro, Wi Fi 802.11ax, Bluetooth 5, etc., including LabVIEW and C Net

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