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For the 14th consecutive year, Ni was listed in the fortune 100 list of best employers

compared with last year, Ni's ranking in the top 100 employers rose by 10 places

Ni also ranks 16th among the 25 multinational enterprises most suitable for work selected by Fortune magazine. This award proves that the core goal of Ni has always been to create a better working environment for employees.

leftover materials and waste can also be recycled.

January 2013 - Ni has been listed in the annual Fortune 100 Employers list for 14 consecutive times, and ranked 35th this year. This award proves that the core goal of Ni has always been to create a better working environment for employees

extended service life Ni has entered the list of the world's best workplaces for many consecutive years. In November, 2012, Ni was also selected as one of the 25 most suitable multinational enterprises in the world by Fortune magazine. In addition to the U.S. headquarters winning this award, the best workplace selection agency, which helps Fortune magazine select the best employer every year, also awarded this award to six branches of Ni in other countries last year, including Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom

although Ni continues to expand globally, its corporate culture has remained intact. The company's core values and good working environment not only make Ni continue to succeed, but also are the key elements of the company's Centennial plan to ensure the leading position of Ni in the field of technological innovation


at the beginning of the establishment of the company, Ni listed establishing long-term competitiveness as the core of micro crack development that may be caused by large stress concentration, said Dr. James truchard, founder, President and CEO of Ni. Ni pays attention to the care of employees and takes the vision as the guide. 2. The mechanical property testing machine cannot be turned on, which makes us a global leader in innovation

we are honored to be awarded this award by Fortune magazine for 14 consecutive years. Said Mark finger, vice president of human resources at Ni. Being recognized globally is undoubtedly a proof of Ni's value of providing employees with the best working environment

ni's corporate culture

in the development process of Ni for more than 35 years, the company's vision oriented leadership, open and cooperative working environment and dedicated employees are the key factors for the company to grow steadily and maintain a leading position in technology. Ni believes that a balanced and sound working environment can improve employees' job happiness and motivate them to pursue excellence. In order to fully embody this concept, Ni encourages employees' professional, personal and group development, and provides them with volunteer opportunities, physical and mental health plans and facilities. To learn more about Ni's corporate culture, please visit

how Fortune magazine selects 100 listed companies

the best workplace selection organization has survey and consultation agencies in 45 countries around the world. Fortune magazine cooperates with it to carry out an extensive employee questionnaire survey in the United States. A total of 259 companies participated this year. More than 277000 employees filled out the questionnaire prepared by the best workplace selection agency. The company's score consists of two parts. The first part is the trust index survey of the best workplace selection organization. The randomly selected employees of each company answer relevant questions such as trust in management, job satisfaction and colleague relations, accounting for 2/3 of the score. The other part is the cultural audit survey of the selection institution, including specific issues of compensation and benefits and a series of open-ended issues in recruitment, communication, training, etc., accounting for 1/3 of the score

about Ni

since 1976, National Instruments () has provided engineers and scientists with various tools to accelerate production, innovation and exploration. Ni's graphical system design method provides the engineering community with a platform that combines software and hardware, which helps to accelerate the development process of measurement and control system. The company's long-term vision and the concept of improving social development through technology provide support for the success of customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders

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