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Ni successfully hosted the sixth "China PXI Technology and Application Forum"

in June 2009, Ni announced that it successfully hosted the sixth "China PXI Technology Application Conference" in Beijing, China, that is, the quality difference of PXI TAC tensile machine is inseparable from the service life of the machine. Nearly 600 engineers and technicians from related fields attended the meeting. In addition to the organizer Ni, eight well-known PXI suppliers at home and abroad, such as aeroflex, MAC panel, VPC, Pickering, Linghua technology, Beijing Zhongke Fanhua, Shanghai Juxing instrument, and Shaanxi Haitai showed the latest PXI based products and solutions to the audience. Mr. mark Wetzel, chairman of the technical committee of PXI system alliance and chief engineer of Ni R & D headquarters, and Professor Lu Qingchun, deputy director of the Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University, were specially invited to make opening keynote speeches for the conference

the modular system architecture with software as the core proposed at the PXI TAC event last year conforms to the market development trend that we will continue to use the latest and earliest technology flow, and has been widely recognized in the industry; This year, as a leader in the testing and measurement industry, Ni further prospected the application and development trend of automated testing in 2009 based on this architecture, including parallel testing under multi-core technology; Self defined instrument design based on FPGA; RF test based on software radio; Semiconductor verification and testing of protocol aware, and further extend the application of PXI platform from testing to control, design and other fields. The application of these five trends was reflected in the technical speech and product display of the whole meeting

the whole day's activity features three special lectures in the sub venues: "automatic test platform special topic" focuses on interpreting the modular test platform with software as its medium and early heart at the beginning of the stage, so as to build automatic test applications; "Industry application topic" focuses on the application of PXI platform in many industry fields, from scientific research to production line, from DC to RF; "PXI developer topic" provides technical training and guidance for engineers who are or will design PXI modules. In each branch venue, the audience actively interacted with the speech engineers to discuss engineering applications. In the on-site application exhibition area, Ni joined hands with eight other PXI suppliers and integrators to not only share the latest industrial applications and development trends of PXI Technology with the participating engineers, but also provide a good platform for exchanging technical experience and sharing successful cases with customers

on site grand occasion

it is worth mentioning that in order to improve the participation of users in activities, this PXI TAC for the first time adopted the link of users voting and selecting lecture content before the meeting, truly creating a technical meeting that is user-friendly and user-centered. According to the on-site survey of this year's conference, up to 99% of the participants believe that this activity is of great help to their actual work, and nearly 85% of users will take PXI as their preferred test and measurement platform in the future

it is true that at a time when the software centered Modular Instrument Architecture has become the mainstream trend in the testing and measurement industry, the development of FPGA, multi-core and other emerging commercial technologies is bound to bring further innovative changes to the measurement and automation industry. With its open architecture, flexibility and advantages based on PC technology, PXI platform will make full use of these new technologies, so as to always lead the new trend of automated testing; At the same time, we are also pleased to see that PXI TAC has gradually played its brand effect and become an exchange platform for engineers in the industry to share the latest testing technology and understand the latest market dynamics

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about PXI

pxi (PCI extensions for instrumentation), as an open industrial standard managed by the PXI systems alliance, is a solid CompactPCI based testing, measurement and control platform. Its open architecture, flexible PC technology and its cost advantages have brought an earth shaking revolution to the measurement and automation industry. Since the PXI specification was developed in 1997, more than 70 manufacturers have supported it and provided more than 1500 PXI products. Today, PXI has become the standard platform for testing, measurement and automation applications, and the application of PXI has also touched many applications in all walks of life. By integrating PCI Express technology with high bandwidth, the new PXI express bus has opened up a new application field for the test and measurement industry

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National Instruments is committed to bringing revolutionary ideas to engineers and scientists in the fields of test measurement, automation and embedded applications, from "virtual instrument technology" to "graphical system design", to help them achieve more efficient and optimized design, prototype and release. Ni provides 25000 different customers all over the world with ready-made software (such as NI LabVIEW graphical development platform) and cost-effective modular hardware. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Ni has branches in nearly 40 countries and regions, with a total of more than 5000 employees. In the past nine consecutive years, Ni has been rated as "one of the 100 companies most suitable for work in the United States" by Fortune magazine. For more information about Ni, please visit or call

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