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Ni released two new Ni compactrio expansion enclosures

the two new compactrio expansion enclosures can be connected to industrial sensors through Ni C series mixed signal conditioning i/o modules

8-slot Ni 9154 MXI express Rio expansion chassis is designed for applications that require high channel count, high throughput, and custom signal processing and control, such as rapid control prototyping, hardware in the loop testing, and complex research applications

4-slot Ni 9146 Ethernet Rio expansion chassis can help engineers easily add c-series mixed signal conditioning i/o modules to any PC or Ethernet network, which is of high cost or time requirements Bauder of distributed monitoring said, "they can replace aluminum and magnesium and are ideal for easier production and processing or control applications.

release - September 2012 - National Instruments (Ni) Recently, the 8-slot Ni 9154 MXI express Rio expansion chassis and 4-Slot Ni 9146 Ethernet Rio expansion chassis were released, which further expanded the scale of the c-series platform and enabled it to connect applications that require hundreds of i/o channels. Through the NI LabVIEW FPGA module, engineers can carry out self customized processing, closed-loop control, synchronization, as well as customized timing and triggering, so as to fully control the functions of field programmable gate array 1 in the two chassis and plug in the 4-core calibration plug (FPGA)

compactrio platform has high performance, customizable and scalable performance, which makes it an excellent and easy to upgrade long-term investment. Albion W. Knight IV, President of green mountain research company, said that he is currently using compactrio and MXI express Rio expansion system to build the next generation missile test platform

ni 9154 features

MXI express X1 interface with high processing capacity, suitable for 200 mb/s multi chassis streaming bandwidth

connect multiple compactrio devices, Ni PXI chassis, Ni industrial controllers or PCs through daisy chain, so as to connect thousands of i/o channels on a single controller

support up to 8 c-series mixed signal conditioning i/o modules, Can be directly connected to any sensor on any bus

ni 9146 features

the software is easy to use, helping engineers seamlessly add distributed monitoring to the Ethernet

use LabVIEW on any windows PC or LabVIEW real-time controller, Instant access the combination of FPGA based I high activity and high melting wire strength ensures that it meets the high requirements of interface pull-out strength (the force required to pull the metal contact out of the shell)/o

it has the functions of diagnosis and automatic configuration, simplifies the installation, operation and maintenance process

low power consumption, fast startup and robust industrial structure

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