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Ni launched a powerful industrial controller product

November 24, 2015 Ni (national instruments, or Ni for short), as a supplier committed to providing engineers and scientists with solutions to help them cope with the world's most severe engineering challenges, today announced the launch of three new industrial controllers to solve the complex needs of advanced IOT applications. These industrial controllers are equipped with the fifth generation intel core processor, with solid packaging, built-in i/o and rich connection options, so machine development engineers and system design engineers can integrate all functions into a single controller without dividing complex machines into multiple subsystems. Moreover, these industrial controllers (such as the newly released ic-3173 electronic universal experimental machine) integrate different types of i/o such as vision and motion, control and processing in a single package, which greatly simplifies the system complexity, reduces the system cost and reduces the overall size

Jamie Smith, director of Ni embedded system, said: industrial systems and machines are becoming more and more complex, and it is usually necessary to integrate multiple independent subsystems to complete special tasks, such as image processing, multi axis motion and operation interface. With the help of ic-3173 industrial controller and other products, system design engineers can use the same method to complete many or all tasks on one controller, thus providing work efficiency and simplifying system complexity

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in order to meet the changing needs of today's industrial IOT applications, design engineers urgently need to make new breakthroughs in the fields of automobile, high-speed rail, aviation and industrial utilization through the integration of calculation, connection and control. Ic-3173 industrial controller meets these requirements and provides the following main functions:

powerful processing capacity: dual core Intel i7 processor combined with user programmable Xilinx kinex-7 160t FPGA can realize advanced processing and image processing, customizable digital i/o and high-speed closed-loop control

rich connection options: Five Gigabit Ethernet ports, four of which can be powered by Ethernet; Two full bandwidth controlled USB 3.0 ports can connect multiple usb3 vision and GigE vision cameras and process images of multiple cameras at the same time

seamless integration: support EtherCAT master, ethernet/ip, rs232/rs485, MODBUS serial port and modbus/tcp, and can communicate with other devices such as PLC and operation interface

software: full version LabVIEW system design software support, customizable control algorithm Perform image processing and advanced analysis

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since 1976, National Instruments () has been committed to providing a variety of powerful platform-based systems to help engineers and scientists improve efficiency and accelerate innovation, so as to solve major engineering challenges facing the world. From medical, automotive, consumer electronics products with extremely strong conductivity, ultra-high strength, high thermal conductivity, super large specific surface area and other excellent performance to particle physics, customers from all walks of life are using Ni's integrated software and hardware platform to improve our living environment

Since its establishment in 1998, Ni China has been continuously committed to providing innovative and efficient tools and solutions for local users with the strength of multinational companies. The sales, technical personnel and system alliance business network that radiate across the country regard it as their duty to provide high-quality service in the local market and try their best to meet customer requirements. The launch of Ni China Mall has further improved the service system of Ni, aiming to provide users with a more convenient and fast purchase experience, and browse instantly:

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