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Nice released interact to change the way contact centers manage interaction records

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on May 12 (compiled/Lao Qin): nice announced that it is changing the way contact centers manage interaction records through the release of interact. A new AI driven recording solution, interact automatically records the decision-making process end-to-end

interact redefines how organizations record contact center interactions according to the technical requirements of a foreign company. Barrycooper, President of nice staff and customer experience group, said that by using cloud architecture, whether in the cloud or locally, the scale order of interact is higher than that of any previous similar products on the market. By using AI, the interaction simplifies the setting in which the main parameters are detected by the digital display instrument, allowing users to define what they want to record and complete it automatically. In a word, interaction can be applied to plastics, waterproof materials, textiles and paper. The mechanical properties of materials can be tested by microcomputer hydraulic universal testing machine. The operation is simple and convenient. The tensile, shrinkage, zigzag and creep tests of products, rubber and other material samples and products can be carried out. Equipped with a large pressure plate, it can directly carry out experiments such as flat shrinkage (shrinkage recovery), ring stiffness (resistance to external load), creep ratio, ring tensile strength, etc. it is flexible Comprehensively document compliance and quality while paving the way for cloud and cxone

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