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Ni: leading innovation and surpassing infinity

November 2009 - National Instruments (Ni) 2009 "NIDays global graphical system design event" China station was successfully concluded at the Shanghai International Convention Center on October 28. As an annual technology event held in China for the eleventh consecutive year, this NIDays attracted more than 500 engineers, 10 well-known testing and measurement enterprises at home and abroad, and a number of industry media. It has undoubtedly become a communication bridge for engineers and researchers in the industry to obtain the latest technical product information and understand the latest applications of Ni's flexible and efficient software and hardware platform in different fields

keynote speech

nowadays, engineers face increasingly complex technical challenges. Structural health monitoring, sustainable energy development, environmental monitoring, biomedicine, robot development and other cutting-edge applications all put forward higher requirements to engineers. Based on this, the keynote speech of this NIDays technology event centered on "beyond 8226; infinity", starting with the technical challenges in these different fields, vividly introduced how the Ni graphical system design platform simplifies the complexity of engineers' use of technology, so as to help promote cutting-edge projects. Through five topics, 20 technical lectures, six interactive exhibition areas, and more than 60 application demonstrations and new product displays throughout the day, engineers were shown how Ni's innovative products and technologies help engineers in different fields complete innovation and achieve transcendence

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as the original intention of NIDays technology event, every year NIDays has been committed to becoming a festival for engineers, so that users can enjoy the fun of technology while sharing technology. The wonderful technical lectures and vivid interactive displays made the participants provide positive feedback and praise during the event. Wang Dong, an engineer from Yingweikang Medical Devices Co., Ltd., said, "NIDays is a very good technology exhibition and exchange event, which provides us technicians with a platform to contact new technologies and products, and is of great help to our future work."

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nidays, a good technical exchange platform, once again showed the participants the significant advantages of Ni graphical development platform. Combined with the flexibility given by LabVIEW software and hardware, engineers can more efficiently implement various design, control and test systems. In the face of increasingly severe challenges, Ni will continue to lead innovation and achieve unlimited transcendence with engineers in a consistent way of technological innovation. NIDays has gradually exerted its brand effect and become an opportunity for industry engineers to share the latest industry technology and understand market dynamics

Ni engineers introduce the application of Ni platform

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for more than 30 years, National Instruments Corporation (Ni) has helped engineers and scientists in the fields of testing, control and design solve various challenges encountered in the process from design, prototype to release. Through readily available software, such as LabVIEW, and cost-effective modular hardware, Ni helps engineers in various fields continue to innovate and effectively reduce development costs while shortening the time of product availability. Today, Ni offers a variety of application options to 25000 different customers around the world. Ni is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with branches in 40 countries and more than 4800 employees. For the past nine consecutive years, Fortune magazine ranked Ni as one of the 100 companies most suitable for work in the United States. As one of the largest overseas branches, Ni China has perfect product sales, technical support, after-sales service and a strong R & D team. 1 Build a regional sub center for testing and evaluation of new materials. Please visit or call to learn more about the products and services of Ni's professional production of new energy vehicles

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