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Ni launched the Ni TestStand ATML toolkit for automated test development and application editor's note: Ni launched the Ni TestStand ATML toolkit for automated test development and application. The new toolkit effectively improves the ATML function on the Ni te maximum load FM value tstand platform

October 2009 - National Instruments (Ni) recently launched the Ni TestStand ATML toolkit, It effectively expands the interoperability of test system components, improves the documentation function of test system, and helps engineers shorten the time of development and maintenance. Automatic test markup language (ATML) belongs to IEEE standard, which includes XML document format to describe different contents of test system. The new toolkit supports the ATML testdescription standard in Ni TestStand, and also improves the support for the ATML testresults standard. Users who now have the validity of standard service items can download the toolkit for free through the Ni Services Resource Center

by using this product, developers can more easily realize task automation while shortening development and maintenance time, such as generating code templates based on ATML testdescription files, displaying changes in ATML testdescription files to display test sequences, and increasing the amount of useful information in reports

ni TestStand ATML toolkit can lay a foundation for ATML testdescri to enter the ranks of advanced countries in the world. Option documents can be transformed into Ni TestStand sequences, NI LabVIEW VI and Ni labwindows/cvi functions, which can be used by developers to develop their own test software. This new feature saves development time and automates the previous manual process of converting ATML testdescription documents into executable applications. Engineers can also use the toolkit to implement the changes in the updated ATML testdescription document into the previously converted Ni TestStand file, reducing maintenance time and effort. At the same time, compared with the existing version of Ni TestStand, the toolkit increases the number of information in the ATML testresults report and provides engineers with more relevant and useful information in the test results report

"the release of Ni TestStand ATML toolkit shows that Ni company is committed to continuous support for ATML standards. With Ni TestStand ATML toolkit, developers can use Ni company's software and the advantages of ATML to complete development tasks more easily."

john pasquarette

ni company vice president of software market

ni TestStand ATML toolkit 1.0 supports ATML testdescription standard of version 1.0.1 and ATML testresults standard of version 2.0.2. The Ni TestStand ATML toolkit is provided free of charge through the Ni Services Resource Center to users participating in the standard service program who actively master the product's skills, prices, technical indicators and other professional knowledge

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