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Ni recently launched four new adapter modules for the Ni flexrio family

Ni recently launched four new adapter modules for its Ni flexrio product family. Combined with LabVIEW FPGA module software, it can provide FPGA Based Reconfigurable i/o (Rio) for PXI systems. Ni flexrio product series makes full use of the industry-leading PXI hardware technology and software integration to provide engineers with commercially available solutions to help engineers more easily apply FPGA technology to advanced automated test and measurement systems. Ni flexrio solution consists of two parts of hardware, one is a programmable FPGA module based on PXI or PXI express, and the other is the front-end i/o adapter module. These four new Ni flexrio adapter modules can be used in real-time measurement, nondestructive testing (NDT) and ultrasonic applications, communication systems, scientific research and other applications

using Ni flexrio, we designed an advanced ultrasonic instrument in less than three months. Due to the close integration of Ni flexrio hardware and LabVIEW FPGA Software, our entire development process, including architecture specification, FPGA programming and real-time 3D display development, has been significantly shortened, and the instrument system we have implemented has better customization and scalability. Chief engineer of Dave lines diagnostic sonar

the new Ni flexrio adapter module reflects the continuous investment of Ni in FPGA based Rio technology, and further expands the application selection of PXI modular instruments. The new modules contain the following unique functions to better meet the testing and measurement applications with higher real-time requirements and onboard signal processing requirements

-- Ni 5761: four channel, 14 bit, 250ms/s bandwidth high-performance digitizer adapter module, which can be widely used in signal processing applications, including communication system design, if (intermediate frequency) acquisition, multiple input multiple output (MIMO), radar and scientific research

-- Ni 5751:16 channel, 50ms/s, 14 bit digitizer adapter module, used for testing and measurement applications in the fields of experimental physics, nondestructive testing (NDT) and medical imaging

-- Ni 5752:32-channel, 50ms/s, 12 digit digitizer adapter module, specially optimized for NDT and ultrasonic applications; It includes AC coupled differential input, integrated VGA and time-varying system gain curve, and 16 digital outputs for pulse excitation

-- Ni 6583: digital i/o adapter module with 32 channel single ended and 16 channel lvds/mlvds channels, with a data transmission rate of 300 Mbit/s, for testing or communication applications that require mixed digital logic

engineers can guide the idea of the "1035" plan: thoroughly implement the spirit of the 108th CPC National Congress and the 3rd and 4th plenary sessions of the CPC Central Committee to control or reconfigure the logic functions realized by FPGA on the Ni flexrio main module (i.e. Ni flexrio FPGA module) through LabVIEW FPGA Software. LabVIEW FPGA module software is very suitable for FPGA programming, because the graphical programming method clearly reflects the parallel logic and data flow, which enables engineers to easily and efficiently implement PFGA applications without VHDL or Verilog knowledge

the new version of LabVIEW FPGA module software is specially optimized for the increasing demand of high-performance test system, and can be better integrated with existing IP. For example, it can directly call the IP core provided by Xilinx (such as filter, FFT fast Fourier transform, memory, FIFO, etc.). By introducing IP performance simulation engine and integrating with mentor graphics Modelsim tool, better simulation performance is achieved, so that LabVIEW FPGA debugging and verification are faster and more accurate. In addition, LabVIEW FPGA can also make full use of the resources on LabVIEW FPGA ipnet. LabVIEW FPGA ipnet provides FPGA design engineers with a space to browse, download and share the latest IP

in addition to seamless integration with LabVIEW, these new adapter modules can be used with more than 400 Ni PXI hardware products to build a software centric automated test system. Engineers can combine Ni flexrio products with more than 1500 PXI modules from Ni or more than 50 other manufacturers to meet the needs of almost all test applications

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about Ni

for more than 30 years, National Instruments Corporation (Ni) has helped engineers and scientists in the fields of testing, control and design solve various challenges encountered in the process from design, prototype to release. Through readily available software, such as LabVIEW, and cost-effective modular hardware, Ni helps engineers in various fields continue to reduce road traffic and horse labor, innovation, and effectively reduce development costs while shortening product launch time. Today, Ni offers a variety of application options to 30000 different customers all over the world. Ni is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with branches in 40 countries and more than 5000 employees. For the past 11 consecutive years, Fortune magazine ranked Ni as one of the 100 companies most suitable for work in the United States. As one of the largest overseas branches, Ni China has perfect product sales, technical support, after-sales service and a strong R & D team. Please visit or call to learn more about Ni professional products and services

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