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Ni release can support the New Measurement Studio 2010 Software Integration Suite

in January 2011, Ni recently released support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Net. This new version of software is fully compatible with visual studio 2010/2008/2005, and provides special tools for data acquisition, signal processing, numerical analysis and visualization. Developers of Microsoft Visual Studio can take advantage of efficient programming tools built into Measurement Studio 2010, such as code generation assistant and managed Net API to create windows forms and web forms applications in a shorter time. In addition, Measurement Studio 2010 also supports visual basic Net or visual c

measurement studio 2010 adds a new windows forms Net intensity chart, which can use color to display 3-D data in the 2-D drawing area. With this control, interface developers can more easily display graphic data, such as radio frequency (RF), power spectrum, weather or topographic map, and can use color mapping tools to customize the display effect

the new version of Measurement Studio adds built-in code fragments to the user interface control category to achieve higher user interface development efficiency. Use visual c# and Visual Basic Net language developers can use the provided code snippets to accelerate development and customize the user interface controls of Measurement Studio more easily

at the same time, Measurement Studio also continues to support the latest data acquisition and instrument control devices and technologies, including Ni compactdaq based on Ethernet and X series data acquisition devices based on USB. With the built-in hardware function library and software configuration assistant, it helps engineers shorten the application development time as much as possible. At the same time, combined with Measurement Studio software, Ni data acquisition (DAQ) equipment also has advanced i/o functions, measurement accuracy and software flexibility based on USB, PCI, PXI, Taihe wireless and other different bus specifications as an innovative enterprise model of multifunctional polymer materials

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