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Product selection of induced ventilation system

so far, the company has developed four products about induced ventilation system

1. Common induction fan

2, intelligent induction fan

3, intelligent induction fan centralized controller

4, intelligent induction fan controller

there are many products, which can meet the requirements of all aspects; But at first glance, it makes customers feel dazzled. In order to let customers know the company's products at a glance, this article is specially written for reference. Most of the text does not involve detailed technical parameters. If you need to refer to the detailed description of a product on the station, you can also call the company for consultation

about the difference between the induced draft fan ventilation system and the traditional full pipe ventilation system, the company's induced draft fan introduction has a detailed description, or you can also search for articles in various aspects on, which will not be detailed here

next, I will briefly introduce these products and explain their selection

I. ordinary induction fan

the so-called ordinary induction fan is a name derived from the later developed intelligent induction fan. It refers to the induction fan without intelligent controller. It operates the fan start and stop completely by manual switch. After the installation of the project is completed, manually turn the switch to the starting position, and then start and stop the induction fan by controlling the main power switch

the advantages are long product development time, high quality and low price; The disadvantage is that it cannot be automated

the ordinary induction fan is divided into two models according to the different air outlets, one is the tubular air outlet, and the model is JIS; Another kind of spherical air outlet is PYT. The qualitative difference between the two models is that the tubular air outlet has a long range, while the induced air of the spherical air outlet is uniform. The total air volume of the two models is basically the same, and there is no essential difference

type selection: on the premise of using ordinary induction fans, the type selection of the two is mainly based on the requirements of the factory for wind and the appearance requirements of products or the personal hobbies of designers, and the price is basically the same

II. Intelligent induction fan

intelligent induction fan is an intelligent controller added on the basis of ordinary induction fan to automate its operation. So as to realize the unattended operation of the ventilation system

products are also divided into tubular induction fans (auto-jis) and spherical induction fans (ZHN PYT) according to different air outlets. The difference is the same as that of ordinary induction fans, which will not be detailed here. According to the different detection objects of the sensor, it can be divided into exhaust type and temperature type. The startup condition of tail gas type is that the concentration of environmental pollutants is higher than 100ppm, and the temperature type is that the ambient temperature reaches more than 35 ℃

its intellectualization lies in: when disassembling, the user should remember the order of the drive on-line. 1. The environmental pollution near a certain induction fan exceeds the standard. This machine starts up and dilutes the pollutants to meet the standard of gb/t16491 ⑵ 008 electronic universal testing machine; If the total environmental pollution in the garage exceeds the standard, all fans will be induced to start and the pollutants will be discharged from the garage. 2. It has the function of fire linkage, and automatically shuts down when there is a fire, so as to prevent the expansion of the fire. 3. It can also cooperate with the supporting centralized controller to realize the overall operation, or manually and remotely start and stop a certain induction fan. 4. The module that can be added has linkage function. An intelligent induction fan outputs signals to drive other equipment to start or stop at the same time

type selection: it is applied to the ventilation system of large garages that require intellectualization, while the exhaust type induction fan is applied in general garages, and the temperature type induction fan is applied to places with such special requirements, which the customer will generally specify

III. centralized controller of intelligent induction fan

centralized controller of intelligent induction fan is an auxiliary control equipment for intelligent induction fan

its main functions are: 1. Start and stop all induction fans under its jurisdiction. 2. Specify a certain induction fan to start or stop. 3. With fire linkage interface, the overall induction fan can be shut down uniformly

model selection: it is the auxiliary equipment of the ventilation system composed of intelligent induction fans. The functions in the system are shown in Figure 3 above. In general, since the main equipment is all intelligent induction fans, the main function of installing centralized controller is to improve the grade of facilities and the manual operability of the system

IV. intelligent controller of inducement fan

the essential difference between intelligent controller of inducement fan and centralized controller of intelligent inducement fan lies in the difference of control objects. The intelligent controller of inducement fan takes the ordinary inducement fan as the control object; The centralized controller of intelligent induction fan takes the intelligent induction fan as the control object

the main functions are: 1. Control the start and stop of the general induction fan in the form of the output of the control power supply. 2. There are two automatic operation modes: timing and environmental pollutant concentration control. 3. The auxiliary mode is manual and emergency operation. 4. It has fire linkage interface. 5. According to the needs of users, the signal output module of other equipment can be configured

type selection: compared with the ventilation system (II) composed of intelligent induction fan controller and ordinary induction fan, the ventilation system (I) composed of intelligent induction fan is basically the same in function, and can meet the intelligent requirements of the ventilation system. The difference is:

1. The startup and shutdown of system I are integrated, while the startup and shutdown of system II can be a separate fan. Relatively speaking, system II is more energy-saving and higher grade

2. The power supply of each fan in system I should be connected with the controller, and the signal line of the sensor should be arranged; Each fan in system II can only be connected to the power line. (even if the intelligent induction fan centralized controller is installed, only two more signal lines are laid.) System II is relatively convenient to install

3. System I uses ordinary induction fans. In the garage area, I hope you can find a different one through your works. When there are a large number of fans, the cost is lower than that of system II. This is more obvious with more fans

generally speaking, the following principles can be adopted for the selection of products in the induced ventilation system

including plastic modification, research and development and mass production of engineering plastics and functional materials

a. Generally, there is no requirement for intelligent garage system, only ordinary induced fans are used, and the start and stop are manually operated in the form of controlled power switch. The equipment cost is low, the installation is convenient, and the operation is simple


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