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Paint product value and brand value

paint product value and brand value

June 23, 2016

[China paint information] for paint, many people need to use it. Maybe a certain brand of paint products will be used every time when painting and refreshing. But I don't like the brand and have no "feeling" - I just use its paint products, which are just my tools for brushing the wall. Like water, electricity and gas, everyone is using them, and they really can't be separated, but they don't care at all. However, some brands don't like it. For example, apple, whether using Apple products or not, will pay attention to Apple's press conferences and even its advertisements

for customers, using your paint products is only because they are not used to switching products or the substitute product name is very poor, not because they agree with your brand. Have product stickiness, but no brand loyalty. Many products are like this, but especially for paint products. Because most paint brands are based on rational marketing - the consistent didactic image building, and lack of on-site visits to Sandvik materials technology Zhenjiang factory emotional marketing. In this way, for customers, it is only the product that provides value to me, but the brand does not provide value to me. For example, Baidu, even though I use Baidu search every day, I don't agree with the brand Baidu. If there is a second product on the market that can provide me with better search value, then Baidu will be uninstalled and deleted by me

just like you use a product because it gives you use value, customers will care about it only if the brand can also give you additional value. It is easy to understand that paint products have use value (painting), but how can paint brands create value

first, take Baidu as an example, the purchase motivation provided to customers must be the same as the customer's use motivation. Baidu's recent Wei Zexi incident is a counterexample. I use Baidu in the hope that Baidu can give me correct medical information, but the result is the opposite, which will cause customers to alienate the brand, even if I still use this product

therefore, the "wedding paint" and "children's paint" advertised by paint products should not be products that attract profits, but should really meet the needs of customers. Otherwise, as affected by the baidu Wei Zexi incident, substitution will be abandoned

secondly, there are so many paint brands on the market now that each customer has to make a "non professional" comparison to choose to buy, which is very troublesome. If your product can make customers think of "health" or "convenience" or "art" at the first time, just like Xiaomi, you will feel that it is cost-effective when you see it, and you won't further think that it is a profiteering product when you continue to load it. Therefore, you need to ask yourself, in the eyes of users, what does my brand represent, whether it is "art" or "zero pollution"

the brand value of paint can also be reflected in proving customers and providing customers with positive energy. When I was at school, I went to the library even if I played, because it proved that I still wanted to study, not decadent in the dormitory. Therefore, when building brands, coating enterprises can first ask themselves and then propose the development of China's waste foam granulator: what is the imagined self-image of customers when using coating products? By using paint products, how can users prove their image to themselves and outsiders

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